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Great news! Coffee could actually be beneficial for you. In April 2016 a group of scientists decided to uncover the good the bad and the ugly truths of coffee.   A Comprehensive Overview of the Risks and Benefits of Coffee Consumption assessed all sound research they could find on coffee. The results


Teff, the world’s tiniest grain, is gluten-free and simply delicious. Recently made popular by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, it has an array of health benefits which are hard to match. Tracing it back to its roots, you’ll find teff flatbread and porridge in the homes of

Jennifer Aniston

Body shaming is a global issue that is gaining great traction. The media is known for airing the ‘faults’ and ‘achievements’ of celebrities as examples of how we should be. We scrutinize the way they look, what they eat, who they are with; these public figures are diligently pulled apart. But they have hit saturation

pomegranate smoothie

The ancient world referred to pomegranates as the “food of the gods.” Now scientists have discovered a new anti-aging property in the fruit. Our body has a fundamental aging process which weakens our muscles.  Scientists have recently discovered that pomegranates have a chemical which combats this process. However, in order


Science is proving what yoga gurus have taught for centuries. That regular yoga practice is a low risk, high yield way to reduce your stress and anxiety. Yoga Alleviates Depression Despite it’s increasingly popularity over the past decade, the benefits of treating stress and anxiety with yoga hasn’t been that widely

Heart Disease

‘Bad cholesterol’ is not bad after all. In fact quite the opposite. The fifty-year old theory that high cholesterol causes heart disease has recently been thrown out. A group of scientists studied over 68,000 elderly people only to find shocking results. ‘Bad cholesterol’ might actually help us live longer. Science Says

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Lower back pain

Back pain can be extremely debilitating and it’s more common than you would think. In fact a staggering four out of five Americans will suffer from it at some point. But did you know that yoga offers a scientifically proven solution for relief from back pain while providing many other

Pokémon Go| longevity live

People fell in love with Pokémon Go within a week of its launch, so much so, that players boosted its popularity to rival that of even Twitter in terms of the volume of daily active users. But are augmented reality games the health apps of the future or just another

Skin cancer | longevity live is a world renowned platform for leading dermatological advice. Recently they decided to research which countries are more prone to skin cancer and why? The survey took serious factors in to account, such as location and economy. The results, in all honesty, are rather baffling. What Do the Results

Spyche and Body Image - Longevity Live

Many of us believe that our psychology resides only in our intricate brain. Quite simply this is not entirely true!  The psyche cannot exist without the rest of  body.  You can use your body to improve your psyche.  Fake It Until You Make It The approach of acting physically in


In 2014 the South African government made a bold move in an attempt to eradicate cervical cancer. They introduced HPV vaccines for girls which targets the virus linked to genital cancers. Since this virus also affects men, the government has now declared the HPV vaccine available for boys. Yet internationally

Theresa May | longevity live

The United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May has not let her diabetes diagnosis hold her back.  Theresa May was diagnosed with Type-one diabetes in 2013. She has never allowed her condition to negatively impact on her ability to do her job. All evidence points to her strength, as she


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