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­ The purpose of Longevity is not merely to slow down the aging process, but to help people of all ages lead useful, happy and more active lives.

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sleep | Longevity Live

Sleep is essential to our quality of life, yet many of us have far too little. After decades of research, we now know fatigue is directly linked to multiple lifestyle disorders, such as weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But what’s being done about it?  The world no longer goes

Pomegranate breakfast

Pomegranates are fast gaining popularity as we begin to understand the health benefits of this juicy fruit. And it’s no wonder considering the incredible anti-aging effects of this ruby red delicacy. Whether you eat it, drink it or treat your skin to it’s oil, pomegranate fruit is claiming its place on

Omega 6 | Longevity Live

We all know that there numerous benefits of adding essential fatty acids to your diet. What is often not mentioned, is that Omega 6 needs to be taken with caution to avoid various health concerns. Unlike Omega 3, which has fantastic rejuvenating qualities, studies now show that Omega 6 can actually speed up your

underactive thyroid

The contraceptive pill may well be a culprit behind increased depression according to a large study published on 28 September 2016.  For many women, this may explain erratic and negative mood swings. Over 1 Million Women on the Pill The contraceptive pill is used by millions of women worldwide. During its


We all know that stress can have a damaging effect on our lifespan. Now a new study has discovered the genes that are responsible for this. Researchers have identified a series of genes that appear to control the effects of stress and mood on lifespan. The researchers believe that the ANK3 gene


Enjoying each day should be a goal held by all of us. However, it’s usually our own fault that we don’t keep this goal in mind. Here’s how to make sure that you do. Surely a day filled with enjoyable experiences, and no pain filled contrast, should yield that much

Latest In Healthy Living Live Healthy - Live Free


Looking to boost your health? Science has found that more sex is just what the doctor ordered. We share the four health reasons that will have you and your partner looking to slip between the sheets. Scientists have compiled a growing body of evidence to suggest that a loving relationship and sex

summer | longevity live

When the days start getting warmer and lasting longer, you know summer is right around the corner.  1. Drink some water… and then drink more Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you are already becoming dehydrated? And in hot and humid conditions, you can dehydrate in less than


Known as “The Playground for your Body and Soul”, SWITCH is a fitness programme powered by Steve Uria, that gives you a brand new style of exercise. Starting with power yoga to get you centred, theclass quickly powers up as you move from station to station combining carefully-selected cardiovascular, functional

vitamin D

We all know that Vitamin D is of great importance to our health and aging. However, researchers have made it clear that the factors which affect our vitamin D levels are complicated.  Your skin’s absorption of UVB sun rays is the best source of vitamin D. This does, however, come


A weekend away with the girls is always a well-deserved treat. But there is nothing like adding a bit of excitement into the equation; such as a little mountain biking… Evox Tour De Femme has managed to create three days of wild abandon combined with indulgent delights. Women got to


 Do you battle to prioritise your health as the result of a busy schedule? In this exclusive web series Elaine Jacob will teach you how use John C Maxwell’s principles to take leadership of your health once and for all. How would you describe your life and your health? Are you achieving what you


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