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Blowouts, highlights and treatments are meant to give your hair new life and offer you healthy hair. However, could you be killing it instead? In 2018 you want to rid your locks of last year’s chemicals. Although hair treatments and products are meant to preserve the life of your hair, too

In this product review article, we share on the best and latest in beauty so that you know exactly what to expect from the newest products on the shelves. For this one, we reviewed the new Neostrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel Pads. What does it do? This innovative anti-aging technique, developed by Neostrata,

Here are our top three recommended scents that smell like summer! For a fragrance that are fresh and remind of balmy days, with the wind still carrying a reminder of spring flowers, look no further than right here. 1. Gabrielle Chanel Chanel’s latest fragrance is in honor of Gabrielle Chanel, celebrating her untameable temperament and

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Central adiposity is the term researchers use when they describe belly fat. Admittedly, the phrase sounds better than muffin top, though they relate to the same thing. Central adiposity is the accumulation of fatty tissue around the abdominal region. It can be difficult to regulate the amount of fat in

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