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Breast cancer is a potentially devastating illness which affects all aspects of a woman’s life. Sexual dysfunction is a very common – but often not discussed element. Dr Careen Rascher is a Sexual Medicine expert and Psychiatrist. She shares her insights into the link between breast cancer and sexual dysfunction:


The legal use of medical cannabis made headway this week as South Africa’s department of health  plans to have cannabis recognised as a prescription drug, rather than an illegal substance. The Medical Control Council (MCC) has announced that their investigation into the use of medical cannabis has made progress. MCC

teen blood

No this is not a hoax or an article written by an undercover vampire… it’s true. The latest study has found that plasma from the blood of human teenagers may be the key to anti-aging. Scientists have made a step towards discovering the fountain of youth. This comes after a

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When you wake up every morning and ask yourself, “what can I do to make today better than yesterday?”. You should probably be asking that question naked. Because that’s the first step in achieving the answer to your question. When You’re Naked You… 1. Sleep More Peacefully Recent studies at