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Longevity is a multi-media content platform based on authenticated health, wellness and pro-aging therapies from all across the world. Helping you live better, live smarter, happier and for longer.

Longevity is available in a high quality printed magazine format, hosts regular health and wellness events,  live chats and is a video series.

Kathy Keeton

Longevity And The Art And Science Of Staying Young

Longevity was launched in magazine format in 1989 by Kathy Keeton. Born and raised on a farm in South Africa, she met her future husband Bob Guccione at the age of 24 in London.  They moved to the United States where she helped him to build a multi-million dollar business empire. Kathy was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of General Media Communications, Inc. She founded the magazines Viva (1973), Omni (1978), and Longevity (1989 in the USA). She also wrote two non-fiction books, Woman of Tomorrow (1986) and Longevity: The Science of Staying Young (1992).


Longevity was then launched in South Africa in 1993.  Sadly Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after launching this first and only international edition. Despite her trailblazing experimental cancer treatment regime,  she died in 1997 from complications during surgery.

Today the Longevity media franchise is owned by the Aegle Group (Pty)  an independent, privately owned media company, led by founder Gisèle Wertheim Aymés

longevity LIVE

Gisele is a well respected media professional and self-professed health activist. Readers can interact with the brand on many different platforms, online, through social media on Facebook @longevitymag on Twitter and Instagram @LongevityLive and attend regular health events.

Longevity has been recognised over the years for publishing excellence. The brand has been awarded the industry’s most coveted magazine award programme –  PICA – for best consumer Health magazine. The team are  involved in many related health initiatives, including media sponsorship of the World Congress on Healthy Aging which took place in South Africa in 2015  and the WellUp Challenge.  Aegle Group (Pty) also publishes Fedhealthy on behalf of Fedhealth medical aid.

Meet The Longevity Team

Director  –  Gisèle Wertheim Aymés  – Gisele@longevitymag.co.za

Cape Town Editorial Bureau :

General Health and Wellness Reporting: Kheyrne Danu – Kheyrne@longevitymag.co.za

Johannesburg Editorial Bureau: 

General Health and Wellness Reporting: Savannah Freemantle  – Savannah@longevitymag.coza

Beauty and Fitness: Marina Wildt – Marina@longevitymag.co.za

Editorial Assistant – Skye Mallon – Skye@longevitymag.co.za

For sales and marketing:

Manager: Sales and Administration: Fay Graham Parker – Fay@longevitymag.co.za

Sales Executive – Howard Heymans – Howard@longevitymag.co.za

For any other queries please contact

Email: editor@longevitymag.co.z

Address: Humankind 259 Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg,  2000

“Longevity is about  not merely to slow down the aging process, but to help people of all ages lead useful, happy and more active lives.” “If you want a longer, more active life, the time to start is now. It doesn’t matter if you are 18, 28, 48 or 80. The earlier you start redesigning your lifestyle to increase your lifespan, the better. “  Kathy Keeton, founder of Longevity magazine USA