Top 3 Anti-Aging Tips From A Nobel-Prize Winning Biologist

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Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn is a biologist and Nobel Laureate. Together with Dr Elissa Epel, she leads a team of researchers. Her team has found that these are the three most effective ways to stay young.

Their research emphasises taking care of your DNA to prevent aging. They suggest in The Telomere Effect, that giving your telomeres the TLC they require can prevent wrinkles, gray hair, exhaustion and illness.

Your telomeres are to your DNA what aglets are to your shoe laces. And, according to research, the longer they are the more youthful you look and feel. Dr Blackburn’s research team shares their proven methods for keeping telomeres long and healthy.

1 Stop Eating This Food To Prevent Aging

Obesity & DonutsThe researchers say that what we eat affects our telomeres. Some food encourages our telomeres to lengthen, keeping us young and healthy for longer. Other food encourages the opposite.

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr Elissa Epel told the Daily Mail that refined sugar is one of the worst foods for DNA. 

“Soft drinks are one of the main sources of ‘harmful’ sugar. We found that two cans of soft drinks daily could make telomeres around 4.6 years older than those in non-drinkers. Instead of a diet high in sugar, aim to have a diet high in fiber and protein to avoid damaging insulin spikes that can lead to diabetes and all-around damage to our telomeres.”


2 Pay Attention To Your Body Shape, Not Your Weightanti-aging

Blackburn also emphasises that our shape has much more bearing on health and aging, than our weight.

“We found that a waistline bigger than the hips can lead to faster aging. Our study shows that those with hourglass and pear shapes have a slower process of aging. These people appear with slim waists and big bottoms and thighs.”

“This is because the fat stored just under the skin or in the limbs may be protective,” the researchers said. “While fat stored deep inside us — in the belly, liver or muscles — is a real threat to the health of our telomeres.”

3 Start Eating These Foods

So, now that we know what not to eat – what should we be eating? premature skin ager detoxification

The teams research reveals that a diet high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients will keep you healthy inside and out. 

They recommend:

  • whole wheat bread
  • whole wheat pasta
  • brown rice
  • vegetables
  • fruit

Good carbs, dairy and fats are also good for your telomeres and can be found in the Mediterranean diet.

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