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Gisèle is the owner of the Longevity and a self-proclaimed health hedonist. When she is not in a yoga class, or in the outdoors, preferably by an ocean. Gisèle is passionate about health and sharing information. You can follow her @giselewaymes on Twitter and Instagram or read her Linked-In profile for full bio details

seeds | Longevity Live

It’s not surprising we are hearing increasingly more about the health benefits of nature’s super foods – seeds. They’re packed to the hilt with anti-oxidants, are tasty and easy to eat, but exactly which ones should you include in your diet? In this article we share our top 3 super

supercharged food | Longevity LIVE

Author of Supercharged Foods, Lee Holmes shares her supercharged food idea and anti-aging recipe which provides a healthy energy boost for active people. According to Holmes this recipe yields the following health benefits: Buckwheat helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol due to its rich supply of rutin, an antioxidant

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With New Year’s Eve looming you may be worrying about the possibility of having a hangover. The question is, can you actually prevent a hangover, especially if you are not used to drinking alcohol? Hangover Management According to the Mayo Clinic, the only guaranteed way to prevent a hangover is

Never mind diamonds, your liver is your best friend. It is the greatest multi-tasking organ, and as a result its function – or dysfunction – has an incredibly important impact on how you feel. When you overindulge your liver works hard behind the scenes. It breaks down and eliminates toxins


I’ve always had a fascination with Burma, or Myanmar as it is now known. It started way back when I first visited the beautiful home, now monument to a legendary silk merchant in Bangkok, Thailand.  And while  Jim Thompson did not live in Myanmar, he traveled the area and the

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Sugar free your life because sugar doesn’t give you energy, it takes it. They say “sugar doesn’t love you back” and this infographic explains in detail why. Compiled by Yale University in the US, it demonstrates exactly how much sugar there is in everyday soft drinks and why sugar is

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Always thought you weren’t the creative type? New research shows that creativity isn’t something you either have or don’t have. It’s something that everyone can access if they learn to tap into it. Knowing therefore how your brain functions is very important in finding your inner Van Gogh. The Many

Tips Balance Work Family | Longevity Live

Schuyla Goodson Bell, Managing Director of Cummins Southern Africa, shares her tips for a healthy work, family and life balance. She believes in sustainable inspiration to empower yourself to be a better you – and that a balancing act might benefit you and your loved ones. Tip 1: Restoration What

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It’s a fact many marketers in established economies are having to come to terms with: populations are getting older. And it’s not just in the West; China will have the largest population over 65 by the year 2030. Gone are the simple days when marketers could target their products and

super seeds | Longevity Live

We are hearing increasingly more about the health benefits of nature’s super foods – the super seeds. Not surprisingly as they are packed to the hilt with anti-oxidants! But exactly which ones should you include in your diet? In this article we dive deeper into the health benefits of four