James Cannon Boyce


I have been involved in many things online, from The Huffington Post, (RED) and Newsladder which was a really great idea that didn't work and I still miss it. For Longevity, I write, edit and help out. I also wrote a book, www.floatingwithmyfather.com

The door to the small white starter shack opened and, like he had for the group ahead of me, and the one before that, the young slender assistant golf professional popped his head out and said politely: “Play away please.” The first tee at Elie doesn’t overlook a long winding

Rome is one of the great cities in the world to eat and one of my personal favorites. But every day, thousands, tens of thousands potentially, of map-carrying tourists are doing it wrong, and I am here to save you from wasting your euros on bad restaurants, worse food and

Rome is hot in the summer, like hot hot. The forecast for the next days calls for sun and heat – every day, all day. Rome is also one of the world’s great walking cities – there is nothing better than exploring the side streets and stumbling on a small

“IT IS ALL UP TO YOU!” “CHOOSE HAPPY!” “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE. CHOOSE LOVE!” Every day Facebook is full of reminders about life’s opportunities that are often, in my case at least, posted by friends from their offices (and they hate their jobs) or from home (with