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motivation | Longevity LIVE

Motivation is the reason behind people’s desires and actions. It is one of the most powerful tools that have the capacity to change the world for the better. Unfortunately, the power of motivation is always underestimated. The commitment to carry out something successfully requires a whole new level of motivation.


The link between young adults – in particular, university students — and high levels of depression and depressive symptoms is well documented. But when exactly are they at their highest? Are stress levels and risks of depressive episodes as elevated on campus in September as they are in, say, April?

Medical Malpractice

The rates of medical malpractice vary worldwide. However, a quick online search for “medical malpractice in South Africa” brings up numerous articles regarding the exponential rise in medical malpractice claims. Commentators attribute this increase in litigation to numerous factors including stretched resources in state hospitals. However, medical negligence is not

Psychology of Soccer World Cup

As we approach the 2018 FIFA World Cup Soccer finals,  there are lessons we can learn from the psychology behind the game and how we can apply them to our lives.  By Dr Karina de Bruin. So far this year’s World Cup tournament has been marked by huge upsets, leading

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These incredibly delicious courgette muffins are full of natural fibre and wholemeal goodness. Courgettes are an excellent “weight-friendly” food as they are extremely low in calories, with only 14g per 100g. The muffins are dairy-free and vegan, so they can be made to suit all dietary requirements. They have a

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In a time when we rarely encourage outside play, the TV has become a substitute for much-needed activity. Globally, 108 million children are obese. These dangerous levels of obesity make it more important than ever to guide children’s habits. Parents are the first heroes to children. That being said, show

guilt-free | Longevity LIVE

Great news for chocolate-lovers! Here is a recipe for chocolate oat biscuits that contains only healthy ingredients and takes only 20 minutes to make. What more could you ask for? These biscuits will satisfy your craving for a sweet treat, without the guilt of eating an unhealthy snack. They’re made with

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The World Health Organization recently announced an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the largest since an Ebola epidemic ravaged West Africa from 2013 to 2016. At least two new tools helping patients and health care workers in the DRC to combat the disease are products

open air sun workout

Isn’t it quite pleasant to get some fresh air while exercising? Howbeit, what comes as an obstacle here is the scorching sun. Apart from letting us feel irritated, it can be very harsh to the largest organ of our body, our skin. In fact, the skin care foundation finalized some

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Calling all men to attention – June is Men’s Health Month. Want to feel great and extend your life? Now is the time to focus on your healthy habits and the screening tests that can keep you in top form. Think of it all like an oil service – but, for