Marina Wildt


Marina Wildt is the Beauty & Fitness Editor at Longevity Magazine. She has a keen focus on the science behind beauty and aspires to always bring the latest innovations in these fields to the public and put forward reliable and trustworthy advice. In her spare time she likes to cook, do yoga and travel wherever she can.

healthy eating | Lonegvity LIVE

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that the food you eat directly affects your health. You may be aware of how certain nutrients can help you. But do you know the signs your body shows you when it’s not getting enough in the first place? Keep an eye

omega 6 | Longevity Live

We all know that there numerous benefits of adding essential fatty acids to your diet. What is often not mentioned, is that Omega 6 needs to be taken with caution to avoid various health concerns. Unlike Omega 3 – which has fantastic rejuvenating qualities – studies now show that Omega

breast cancer | Longevity Live

In South Africa, breast cancer is a prevalent form of cancer amongst women. The rates of incidents are increasing steadily each year and in order to be able to take control of this rising problem, both a positive and insightful attitude are necessary, from understanding the preventative measures as well

beauty | Longevity Live

People have been using chemical peels as a form of skin rejuvenation for thousands of years. Though the techniques have developed greatly since the Ancient Egyptians, the principals remain the same. What are Chemical Peels? The basic concept of a chemical peel is to apply a chemical solution to your

Salad | Longevity LIVE

Yes, choosing to have a salad over a hamburger will certainly render its health benefits to you. Unfortunately, not all the leafy greens are created equal. Whilst some are known as “super foods”, others simply just don’t have that much nutritional value. Take Iceberg lettuce for example. Probably one of

relationship | Longevity Live

A romantic relationship is a wonderful thing. Renewing love between couples is often neglected entirely and most will end up separating after discord has begun, before having even tried to reconnect. The feeling of falling in love is something most will aspire to experience. The subconscious need to make that

sweetener | Longevity Live

We’re living in the age of sweeteners. More often than not, if you see a sachet of sugar at your cafe table, you’ll see a sweetener option right next to it. All forms of sugar are being swapped out for low-calorie substitutes. What if there was a way to not

Younger brain

We are increasingly aware of the physical benefits that are associated with exercise and keeping fit and now research is confirming the crucial benefits it has to your brain’s health as well as the potential to get your younger brain back. Physicist and biomedical engineer, Dr Jason Steffener who works at

There is a certain amount of ambiguity when it comes to understanding exactly what your blood type tells you about your health. But the truth is, you’re likely to have been told many proven facts and mistruths. So before you start developing preconceptions, you need understand what this red stuff going

As the number of people who suffer from a form of chronic pain increase every year, so do the amount of prescribed opioids used to treat them increase. Luckily, a global understanding of how to better manage chronic pain and other lifestyle diseases is beginning to emerge. So it’s time