Marina Wildt


Marina Wildt is a writer with a keen interest in both the medical and scientific faculties. She's been writing professionally since 2011 and has a passion for communicating through the written word. Marina is a yoga fanatic and animal lover.

lifestyle | Longevity LIVE

You may be someone who enjoys doing Yoga after hours. But could you change your high-paced lifestyle to embrace it entirely for the sake of your health?  There is very little that yoga cannot do to help you achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Not only does it improve your physical

stem cells | Longevity LIVE

A research team from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania could be onto the next potential anti-aging breakthrough. A study they did, proved that stem cells extracted from human fat cells could be effective in future anti-aging treatments.  In time, our body’s cells start to lose their regenerative capacity. This largely contributes

Blake Lively | Longevity LIVE

Beauty and fashion icon, Blake Lively wants to make something very clear. Though she makes her glamorous looks seem effortless as she walks down the red carpet. When she wakes up in the morning, that isn’t what she looks like…   Many know Blake Lively for her timeless beauty. However, now

kissing | Longevity LIVE

A kiss is a global expression of love, however, it is also proven to benefit your health… Not only is kissing an important way to find out whether a possible mate is right for you, but if you are already in a relationship, the ways it can benefit your daily life

workout | Longevity LIVE

If you are wanting to get fitter and healthier, it may just be better to get your partner to workout with you in order to achieve better results. A study done by the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University, surveyed married couples who joined health clubs together, and the results were

mushrooms | Longevity LIVE

At least 100 different types of mushrooms are currently being researched for the health benefits they contain. Of those, about 6 types prove to have incredible immune boosting benefits. Paul Stamets once said, “Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushroom species in nature, our ancestors and

raw food | Longevity LIVE

Feeding your dog a raw food diet is a fast growing trend at the moment. So why it stands apart from your ordinary kibble?  What is a Raw Food Diet for Dogs?   The objective of a raw food diet is to provide your dog with the most readily available bio-available nutrition.

chemical peel| Longevity LIVE

What is a Chemical Peel? The function of a chemical peel is to use a skin-friendly acid base to remove the superficial layers of your skin. In turn, your body will instantly trigger its response to replace whatever skin it has lost.  It does this by targeting the fibroblasts in

hibiscus | Longevity LIVE

Not only is the hibiscus a flower packed with a variety of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for your health. But it is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient.  What Can Hibiscus Do For Your Health? Hibiscus tea has become an all time favourite for many people. And it is more than just

rooibos | Longevity LIVE

After the holidays, it can take a little effort for us to get into a healthy routine. However, detoxing your body from the bottles of wine you may have enjoyed, doesn’t actually have to be so taxing.  Some people believe that home-grown Rooibos could, to a certain extent, lessen the