Marina Wildt


Marina Wildt is a writer with a keen interest in both the medical and scientific faculties. She's been writing professionally since 2011 and has a passion for communicating through the written word. Marina is a yoga fanatic and animal lover.

Weekend | Longevity LIVE

“Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.” ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel  This weekend, take time out. Here’s why: The creative benefits of unstructured time are very well established. During childhood, ‘play-time’ is essential for the development of your pre-frontal cortex, including regulating emotions, making plans and solving problems.  So intentionally

sugar addiction | Longevity LIVE

It’s very easy to deny that you may have a sugar addiction… But if you feel the urge to reach for a chocolate bar every time your energy levels drop. Or you simply cannot have an iced tea, yoghurt or breakfast cereal without it being flavoured. You may want to rethink how

hyper-pigmentation | Longevity LIVE

Hyper-pigmentation and skin disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent globally every year. Concerns regarding abnormal pigmentation are no exception. In fact, they are making up a large part of the issue.  Why Does It Happen? Hyper-pigmentation is genetic. But, everyone has an automatic immune response which protects the body from harm.“When your

hair | Longevity LIVE

A variety of lifestyle factors and products determine whether or not you will have the healthy hair you are looking for. Here is some advice we can give you…  Why Does It Feel Like Your Hair Won’t Grow? Although it may seem that your hair’s only job is to grow. The process is a

skin lightening | Longevity LIVE

Skin lightening is dangerous. Society programmes a large part of society into thinking that, to be good-looking you must change the fundamental components of what makes you; you. Instead of simply enhancing your natural beauty.  Those with curly hair want straight and those with brown eyes want blue.  Those with light skin

smoothie bowl | Longevity LIVE

When you’re on-the-go and need a nutritious snack. Sipping on a smoothie or tucking into a smoothie bowl can be a great option. The question is, how do you make it tasty yet healthy?  What’s the Difference Between a Smoothie and a Smoothie Bowl? All in all, they are quite

oscar | Longevity LIVE

Should you feel embarrassed about owning a sexual health aid? Well, the Oscar organisers’ from this year do not think so… According to Yahoo. Each nominee who did not win an oscar this year, received a vaginal fitness tracker called Elvie, in their consolidation goodie bags. What is a Vaginal Fitness Tracker?

lifestyle | Longevity LIVE

You may be someone who enjoys doing Yoga after hours. But could you change your high-paced lifestyle to embrace it entirely for the sake of your health?  There is very little that yoga cannot do to help you achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Not only does it improve your physical

stem cells | Longevity LIVE

A research team from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania could be onto the next potential anti-aging breakthrough. A study they did, proved that stem cells extracted from human fat cells could be effective in future anti-aging treatments.  In time, our body’s cells start to lose their regenerative capacity. This largely contributes

Blake Lively | Longevity LIVE

Beauty and fashion icon, Blake Lively wants to make something very clear. Though she makes her glamorous looks seem effortless as she walks down the red carpet. When she wakes up in the morning, that isn’t what she looks like…   Many know Blake Lively for her timeless beauty. However, now