Savannah Freemantle


Savannah Freemantle is a Longevity writer with a passion for English and a keen interest in health and wellness topics. She believes in an holistic approach to wellness, viewing balance and consistency as the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

medicine storage

We all make sure we keep some medicine in our home – even if it is just painkillers for the odd headache, or burn remedies in case of an emergency. What we don’t often think about, however, is how we should be storing the it. How you store your medicine is vital

Instagram star Alexis Ren, recently opened up to Cosmopolitan about her battle with anorexia, which she says she hid for years. In April, the 20-year old model started tweeting about her mental state, saying that she was ‘in a toxic state of mind’, ‘suffering from food guilt’ and would overexercise

palm oil health

Is palm oil good for your health? There have been many conflicting reports regarding the health of palm oil over the years. Some cite it as healthier (1, 2) than coconut oil and others demonize its health and environmental impact. When it comes to the health benefits of palm oil,

Brain Health

Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist and leadership coach with a unique brain health angle on what it takes to be a better leader and achieve success. Her aim is to teach people why optimal brain functionality is important in a leader. Explaining that it strengthens your decision-making and improves your performance at


If we have learnt anything over the past few years it’s this. Any product that declares its contents to be sugar-free should raise a sceptical eyebrow. While it could be the delicious sugar substitute you have been looking for. It may also be a health trap as damaging as that


A water containing bubble that you can eat has taken the Internet by storm. But, how safe is it for us to consume this container? Skipping Rocks Lab has offered their solution to the plastic waste problem – a biodegradable water container that you can consume, called the Ooho. This project’s


International expert Dr Tara Swart returns to SA to share the latest applications of neuroscience to business and leadership performance Compelling evidence from neuroscience research shows that leaders can significantly improve how they engage with and motivate others. We now know that, contrary to the idea that leadership skills are ‘innate’,

Paul Atkinson

We are launching a new healthy recipe, video series called Barefoot In The Kitchen! Every month, we will host a healthy cooking demonstration at the beautiful Miele Kitchen facility in Bryanston, Sandton. We will share an everyday, easy-to-cook healthy recipe, for you and your family, prepared by our readers on

Melinda Bam is an advocate for holistic health and how it contributes to personal success. Here we provide a snippet from our exclusive interview with her. To find out the secrets to her health and beauty success, look out for your April copy of Longevity. A presenter, director and Miss South Africa

Cyber Safety

We share expert tips and the inside scoop on how to protect your information from cyber criminals. In the real world we are incredibly security conscious. We lock our doors, have security bars, gates and alarms. To avoid smash and grabs, we place our valuables in our car boot when we