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Innovative, Strong-willed and Driven. Skye's passion lies with Fashion, Beauty and Health. Her natural knack for trends, style and observation inspires her love for writing and creating. Her belief is to maintain Balance. She prefers to live life in the moment and surround herself with happiness.

Instagram is an online gallery that seems to increase in popularity with each year. We know about the health freaks and the ‘foodie gurus,’ but it seems as if we are all getting even healthier. If you didn’t realise that the most influential people are on Instagram, then it’s time you start


Melatonin is a scheduled medicine. It is not only being used as a natural remedy for sleep issues. We are looking into the reasons why and finding out Melatonin’s other uses. Having your day becoming night and your hours all mixed up messes with your sleep patterns. Your natural production

carrie underwood | Longevity LIVE

In our opinion, Carrie Underwood deserves a high-five for her fitness regime. Her hard work and determination is admirable. Though she has days where she feels sluggish, she never lets it get in her way.  “I love being in the gym so it’s kinda rare when I do have a day

yogawesr | Longevity LIVE

This year is all about breaking down identity stereotypes – and yoga is no exception. Yoga-wear brands are taking a stand against the idea that yoga is just for women. While there has traditionally been less choice for men, than women, when it comes to yoga-wear, this is no longer the

‘Skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers,’ says Holly Thaggard, Supergoop Founder and CEO. Supergoop is determined to promote skin protection as an essential healthy habit and Maria Sharapova is helping them. There are more new cases of skin cancer ever year than breast, prostate, lung and colon

JP Sears [Longevity Live]

JP Sears is running an emotional healing and coaching practice. He works with people worldwide via Skype. His satirical methods involve retreats around the world which focus on different healing and personal empowerment themes which facilitate similar people to coming together to learn, grow, and heal. JP Sears: How Does Comedy Meet Wellness? The influential

Sophie Turner [Longevity Live]

Sophie Gray stands out in today’s world of Instagram empires. It might be because of her infinite positivity and her dedication to promoting self-love. This is the foundation for any successful diet or fitness regime. Sophie Gray Launches The Self-Love Challenge Gray runs a business called, ‘The Way of  Gray,’ which launched a

cellulite cure | Longevity LIVE

The quest to cure cellulite has been endless for most of us. However, there are a few natural remedies that trusted sources are recommending. These remedies may not get rid of your bumpy areas entirely, but they will improve the appearance. These natural remedies will balance the connective tissue/fat in the body

3-D printed insoles | Longevity Live

3-D printed insoles are making ‘future-wear’ in fitness a reality. 2017 is bringing you the age of personalisation and individualisation in health, beauty and wellness. The benefit of 3-D printing is that it allows you to customise products, ensuring the right size, shape and design, as well as fit and

healthy food

This years healthy food trends are telling. In 2016 we saw our Instagram feeds exploding with healthy food innovations, from avocado recipes to sugar-free everything. You can expect 2017 to take healthy up a notch. This year we will focus on wellness as self-enrichment. 2017 In Healthy Food We are on a journey