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A research team from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania could be onto the next potential anti-aging breakthrough. A study they did, proved that stem cells extracted from human fat cells could be effective in future anti-aging treatments.  In time, our body’s cells start to lose their regenerative capacity. This largely contributes

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Beauty and fashion icon, Blake Lively wants to make something very clear. Though she makes her glamorous looks seem effortless as she walks down the red carpet. When she wakes up in the morning, that isn’t what she looks like…   Many know Blake Lively for her timeless beauty. However, now

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Russian & Swedish Biologists have tested the SKQ1 molecule and found that it successfully slows cellular aging in mice. This is an anti-aging breakthrough. The main aim of this study was to investigate the role of our mitochondria (the power house of the cell) in aging. Researchers have found that the SKQ1

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Actress Thandie Newton has graced our screens for almost two decades. However, her latest controversial role as bar madam Maeve in Westworld has catapulted her back into the limelight. It has also meant the beautiful actress has spent a lot of time naked on set.  Speaking openly she says: “It

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Hugh Jackman is being treated for basal cell carcinoma for the sixth time, according to his social media posts. The actor has been an advocate for skin cancer awareness and the importance of sunscreen. Hugh Jackman has announced on his Twitter and Instagram feed that he has undergone another treatment for


Valentine’s Day – two words that can strike fear into the heart of any single woman. Prof Elna McIntosh, a Clinincal Sexologist, she shares her tips for how to make the most of Valentine’s Day – date or no. “Well, pink and red hearts might be dressing every shop window


Former ‘It girl’, socialite and the God-daughter to Prince Charles, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been found dead in her London apartment. This after she revealed,  just three months ago, that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson received the diagnosis in January last year. However, she only revealed

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What is a Chemical Peel? The function of a chemical peel is to use a skin-friendly acid base to remove the superficial layers of your skin. In turn, your body will instantly trigger its response to replace whatever skin it has lost.  It does this by targeting the fibroblasts in

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Not only is the hibiscus a flower packed with a variety of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for your health. But it is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient.  What Can Hibiscus Do For Your Health? Hibiscus tea has become an all time favourite for many people. And it is more than just


Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn is a biologist and Nobel Laureate. Together with Dr Elissa Epel, she leads a team of researchers. Her team has found that these are the three most effective ways to stay young. Their research emphasises taking care of your DNA to prevent aging. They suggest in The Telomere Effect, that