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Humans are fascinated with the idea of breaking natural laws, rising above the limitations that bind us, and becoming the ultimate deciders of our fate. Cryogenics is back in the public eye. As humans we fear the fleeting nature of our lives. Whether it is time travel, cyborgs or cryogenics,

Adrenal fatigue | Longevity Mag

It doesn’t matter whether mental or physical stress comes first; they both add to adrenal fatigue. Exhaustion is now so common that it has become a status symbol for the hard-working. The pace of life is increasing each day, leaving the body and mind struggling to keep up. The adrenal

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A romantic relationship is a wonderful thing. Renewing love between couples is often neglected entirely and most will end up separating after discord has begun, before having even tried to reconnect. The feeling of falling in love is something most will aspire to experience. The subconscious need to make that

Younger brain

We are increasingly aware of the physical benefits that are associated with exercise and keeping fit and now research is confirming the crucial benefits it has to your brain’s health as well as the potential to get your younger brain back. Physicist and biomedical engineer, Dr Jason Steffener who works at

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If you suffer from dry, dull or rough skin – it’s likely that you’re more prone to developing eczema than others. In children especially, these flare-ups are extremely itchy and can affect every part of their daily life. Four-year old Zaahid Swartland and his 5-year old sister Zahraa, have both

Created by Longevity for Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden’s latest Ceramide Capsule technology is here. And if you’re as devoted to your skincare regime as I am, you’ll understand exactly why this is something to get excited about. In the next few weeks, I’ll have the chance to test and try this new

Is Sugar Really Than Bad For Your Skin?| Longevity

Sugar: Highly addictive, debilitating, and wrongfully delicious. We all know it’s bad for your waistline, but what about your skin?

weight measurement | Longevity Live

We’ve all had our BMI worked out by a medical professional at some point or another. And although it can provide a general indication whether ones weight to height ratio is healthy or not, it’s far from being an accurate weight measurement tool for everyone.  Now a new App has been

Is There benefit In Collagen Replacement Products?| Longevity

Collagen replacement has become something of a buzz word when it comes to anti-aging treatments.  There are a plethora of collagen related topical beauty solutions increasingly available. Collagen replacement procedures and products are also growing in popularity.  But will they really take ages off  your skin? What Is All The

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Created by Longevity for Eau Thermale Avène Did you know that even oily skin types can experience dehydration? No matter your skin type, it is essential to have a skincare routine in place that keeps your complexion glowing and hydrated.  Is My Skin Dehydrated? Although dehydration may make your skin feel dry, it is actually