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Olympic gold-medal swimmer Cameron van der Burgh says he developed a love of sports after being diagnosed with ADHD. “I was hyperactive as a kid. I always had a lot of energy and battled to pay attention in class, or focus on my homework. I was diagnosed with ADHD and

A newly released report published in The Lancet suggests it’s time to sober up when it comes to drinking alcohol. The lead author of this study, which was part funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Dr. Angela Wood explained “The key message of this research for public health is

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While it was anticipated that plastics would gain popularity, due to their durability, versatility and cost, at the beginning of the “plastic age”, almost 80 years ago, the global waste-management and health problems associated with them weren’t. Today, tons of plastic have accumulated in landfills and natural environments. In fact,

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These are our top trending, non-invasive treatments for helping you to radiate health and vitality this season. 1. Nimue TDS Booster Treatment  Why this is a must Nimue’s TDS (Transdermal Solutions) treatments are tailor-made salon facial add-ons you can use to boost your Nimue facial experience. Aiming to achieve maximum

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Since you can essentially juice almost every edible vegetable and fruit, you can really explore flavor combinations. There are no limitations. This new addition to your kitchen repertoire can make supplementing your nutrition fun and tasty. Today we have access to many nutritional powders that can easily be added to

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With activities such as running, cycling, swimming and gym, your workout gear needs to be washed regularly to remove sweat, oils and minerals left behind. But it is usually made of light, delicate fabrics that need extra care when washing. Experts at Spindel offer the following advice: 1. Don’t use too

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There are many misconceptions around the flu and its vaccine. Seeking trusted sources and facts behind common assumptions and practices is especially important when it comes to medical issues. See if you have all your flu-facts straight with these myths and truths. Myth #1: Getting the flu vaccine gives you

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In January this year, Neill Diamond made the announcement that he would be retiring from touring as result of a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. He would still be writing and recording music, he said, but his live performances would need to end. Other well-known individuals who have had their lives

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It is one of the main ingredients of the well-beloved chocolate spread Nutella, and the marriage of hazelnuts and chocolate has been making humanity happy since before the French Revolution. This little nut is, in fact, so well-celebrated that it enjoys its own day in Italy, on the 14th of December. This day happens to

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Umbilical cord blood research started with a foundation in blood-related diseases such as leukemia. Today, however, the use of cord-blood stem cells has extended far beyond treatments for cancer. Blood stem cell transplantation has been performed over the last fifty years and plays an important role in treating bone marrow