Spinal cord injuries

According to news reports today, a paralysed man from Bulgaria can now walk again with the aid of a frame after breakthrough surgery transplanted cells from his nose into his spinal cord, which had been severed in a knife attack. Darek Fidyka was left completely paralysed from the chest down

The quarantine period has come to an end for Louise Troh, who has been in isolation for 21 days, following the death of her fiancée Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan was the person to display Ebola symptoms on US soil. Troh’s son and two nephews were also quarantined. Troh said in a statement on Sunday: “We

Canada has confirmed they will ship 800 vials of its Ebola vaccine to the World Health Organization. According to BBC news, the jab can protect animals completely from a fatal dose of the Ebola virus. However, its effectiveness and safety in humans is, at this point, unknown. Human trials began in the

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Scientists have developed a new test to help doctors identify ovarian cancer more accurately and reduce unnecessary surgery. The test is designed to diagnose different types and stages of surgery of ovarian cancer and to distinguish more accurately benign cysts and malignant tumours, as well as identify how aggressive tumours

The death rate is on the rise and the disease is still spreading. The only thing left now is to find a cure, if there is one. Experts already know much about the virus and how it attacks; we’ve been warned about the causes, symptoms and procedures we should follow when we

The clinic for infectious diseases at St. Georg Hospital in Leipzig, Germany announced today that a patient who was a UN employee and infected with the Ebola virus, has died. The patient was an employee flown in from Liberia. The St. Georg hospital in a statement said the 56-year-old man,

SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO JUST TAKE IT FROM THE TOP – A 12-DAY NAMIBIAN FLYING SAFARI By Daniel Scheffler Although not rich with savannah, like Kenya, or bestowed with gorilla rainforests, like Uganda, this sparsely inhabited country in southern Africa has something else – the forever, and ever, dunes. Namibia,

OmegaLabs partnered up with the Tomorrow Trust Organisation and re-launched the iconic family defender – TCP – at Saxonwold Primary School last week.  The launch was designed as a hand on event for members of the media  to actively work with the children of the Trust. A series of educational workshops will

Healthy hair is the product of healthy eating. Here are 6 key foods that will help prevent split ends, retain growth, add luster and improve hair texture. Eggs are packed with protein, an essential part of hair growth. Salmon promotes hair growth and keeps your scalp healthy and your hair

Gorgeous local celebrity, actor, producer and writer Lehasa Moloi shares his grooming secrets with us.   Actor, producer, writer – Lehasa Moloi Do you have a beauty coach? Beauty coach? What is that? Any beauty product(s) you cant live without? I can’t live without my exfoliator. It just makes me feel