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A healthy back is capable of bearing great weight, possesses incredible flexibility and houses delicate nerve structures. The spine is the core structure of the body, and it’s fitting to regard it as the backbone of the body, pun intended. When the musculature of the back is not maintained postural deviations

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In South Africa, breast cancer is a prevalent form of cancer amongst women. The rates of incidents are increasing steadily each year and in order to be able to take control of this rising problem, both a positive and insightful attitude are necessary, from understanding the preventative measures as well

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People have been using chemical peels as a form of skin rejuvenation for thousands of years. Though the techniques have developed greatly since the Ancient Egyptians, the principals remain the same. What are Chemical Peels? The basic concept of a chemical peel is to apply a chemical solution to your

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Humans are fascinated with the idea of breaking natural laws, rising above the limitations that bind us, and becoming the ultimate deciders of our fate. Cryogenics is back in the public eye. As humans we fear the fleeting nature of our lives. Whether it is time travel, cyborgs or cryogenics,

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Too much work, not enough money, and all round stress. When we’re feeling unreasonably tense, we are all familiar with the usual culprits. But what if they are not the only issues to blame? What if there were simple, silly, smaller things which were pushing your baseline anxiety through the

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The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. A dedicated workout-plan has benefits you might not be aware of, and now’s a good time to explore these. The Mayo Clinic lists seven benefits of daily exercise: it helps to control your weight, combats health conditions

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When you exercise, your body needs some recovery time. An increase in size, strength, power and performance is often attributed to growth in lean muscle mass. But what exactly is growth, and why does it happen? Muscles grow when they are subjected to an external resistance. That resistance causes incredibly

​Ignorance is definitely not bliss – especially when it comes to your health and your family’s health. Not to freak you out, but we can’t be immune to almost every illness, and this includes Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA). I recently read a study that reveals that iron deficiency is the

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There may be a simple reason why responsible people splurge on crazy shopping sprees and eat junk food at 3am: decision fatigue. Life revolves around the choices we make; yet today we are bombarded by so many opportunities, schemes and offers it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

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The long-standing debate on the availability of nutritional supplements and herbs is still a hot topic. Whether you believe they should be easily available or prescription only may not be as important as the regulation of quality. Even though we all have a right to good health we also need