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Having the right gear in your gym bag will ensure a productive workout session. Here are a few essentials: A pre-workout snack Registered dietician at Virgin Active South Africa, Sandi van Zyl, recommends eating a light meal one to two hours before your workout. If you’re short on time, a

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For many of us the topic of fitness entails serious gym environment, which can be grueling in many aspects. When one’s fitness lacks fun and playfulness, it’s very easy to find excuses not to train. In today’s article, personal trainer Tyrone Wessels will discuss the activities that burn a great

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From sniffing out where you’ve hidden their treats to helping government agencies to find narcotics, a dog’s sense of smell is said to be a thousand times more sensitive than ours. A study found dogs could even detect cancer. According to a paper published by Prof Julio E Correa at

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At 35°C, we’re all inclined to show more skin. But air pollutants and the sun can cause problems such as accelerated skin aging, hyperpigmentation and dermatitis – problems that can be exacerbated depending on where you live. Here is how you can localize your skincare regime for a healthy, well-protected

An integrative approach to health means combining the benefits of conventional medicine and natural therapies. It also includes using natural therapies to prevent lifestyle diseases and maintain our overall wellness. Experts believe this combination fights cancer on multiple levels. We spoke with Dr Binu Kuruvilla, an expert in clinical research


If you experience seasonal allergies, you might be dreading the fast-approaching months of spring. Don’t despair. You can “friend your allergy” and minimize your symptoms. Dr Ismail Kalla, a pulmonologist from Charlotte Maxeke Wits, explains that an allergic reaction takes place when a specific molecule comes into contact with the

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Do you struggle to open tight condiment jars, water taps, slippery round door handles and a variety plastic sealed food packets? Or you find difficulty in the tasks that require you to hold something for extended periods of time? Perhaps you play sports that involve a bat, racquet, ball etc

Many people approach their training incorrectly by not emphasizing a thorough warm-up, and place a great deal of strain on their joints. Especially your knees are at risk. The health of the knee is dependent on strong leg musculature, and obviously how kind you are to your knee when it’s


The fact remains, whether we like it or not, South African men pay less attention to their bodies and health than women do. What this means is that South African men die, on average, six to eight years earlier than their female counterparts. Men’s health can’t be ignored. It has

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Contrary to what some may believe, ponytail headache syndrome is not some obscure neurosis. The condition is a recognised medical condition. Wearing a tight ponytail would normally cause no discomfort, but in migraine sufferers who have developed a highly sensitive scalp, wearing a tight ponytail can cause discomfort and pain.