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When it comes to selecting which exercise movements to perform, it’s simply a matter of effectiveness. To be effective when exercising requires masterful execution of such movements.  How you can be more masterful? 1) Anatomy: Each movement has a particular joint around which bones are articulated by a certain group

Today I want to talk about why you need a true training partner. You see many of us take pride in being self-sufficient and taking credit for being a one man band. It’s by no means a bad thing to be able to excel on your own, but at some

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Muscle is a magical tissue providing the means for our every day movement. In this article I will uncover it’s magical workings for you and how these impact on your training! Myosin are microscopic hair like tendrils that act like a hand taking hold of a ladder rung and pulling


Dr Liz Salada, board-certified internal medicine practitioner, says regular physical activity helps to decrease the symptoms of allergies, as it improves blood flow, which in turn promotes the removal of allergens.  And while you can’t (literally) exercise your allergies away, working out can help to minimise your symptoms. “The improved


The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to pushing one’s limits; and what’s truly interesting is the mind games we can use to peak performance.  In this column I will shed some light on some useful fitness training tips to trick you into being better in every training

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Many of us want to get in and out the gym as quickly as possible but still have an effective workout. This goal is achievable but will require a bit of planning.  Here I will explain how you can ensure an successful fitness programme using interval training. Cardio & interval training Unlike

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In this article I will discuss 4 easy tips to improving your fitness lifestyle. Many of us want the most out our time when it comes to training and nutrition. This is why gaining a slight edge over what you may have currently been doing is so valuable! Tip #1

Discover Your Body’s Needs Fitness is moving away from the “no pain, no gain” theory, towards a body-centred approach, where individuals are encouraged to listen to their body’s needs and where you find bliss, not punishment. We are also reminded that while gyms serve an important purpose, there is real

In order to age gracefully, it’s truly important to maintain a functional body through exercise. More specifically, a body that’s capable of navigating your daily living with ease and mobility. In this article we will discuss various strength movements that are essential to developing and maintaining a youthful body! First, let’s

There comes a certain amount of encouragement and drive to do well when you and your partner can workout together. Staying fit and healthy is not something that happens without some mental effort and determination. It is a chosen way of life and is often done most effectively when you have