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The achievement of any task, be it of a commercial or personal nature, finds its motivation in an outcome. More often than not the drive to do something is motivated by some form of monetary reward and it’s understandable as money is a great enabler. So what about doing a task that has no

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The Grind Sweat Factory located at Tyger Valley Chambers, 27 Willie Van Schoor Drive, Bellville celebrated its opening on Monday, February 15 2016 “With the opening of our new Sweat Factory in the Tygervalley area, we’re excited to help our community reach their fitness goals,” said Rudi Wilcocks, co-owner of

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The Bübi Bottle is the world’s first scrunchable bottle. It is  incredibly versatile, free of poisonous chemicals, safe for children and has multiple uses. Plus, it has a great story behind it. The Bübi Bottle was invented by Craig Madaus, when he was stranded on a damaged boat for five

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By Tyrone Wessels Everything begins within the mind, the chair you sit upon was someone’s idea, the room you are presently in was an architect’s idea and the body you articulate is a manifestation of neural impulses. Thoughts are powerful and rich in creative power!  In this article we will


Many of us believe that being physically fit means being lean. This is not necessarily true, and believing that it is could lead those individuals who are struggling to eat more healthily to unnecessarily lose out on the health benefits of fitness as well. A recent study, published in the


By  Tyrone Wessels Many of us have an idea of what our ideal physique may look like and how it performs (our ideal fitness level), this idea is highly personal and therefore unique. Aside from the fact that we all are very different, and have very different bodily ideals. We

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Fresh air, the smell of the ocean and sun on your back, is there any place better suited to a workout than the beach? Don’t let your exercise regimen slide this holiday, have fun and enjoy new environments while keeping active! Stay fit on the beach this summer with these

By Tyronne Wessels Few people have an issue when it comes to exerting energy especially when they are fresh. However many have a great bone to pick when it comes to how fast they recover for their next bout. There are many factors that impact your body’s ability to recover, they

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Several researchers over the years thought running caused more harm than good in seniors. Some feared the long-term effect of the then ‘new jogging craze’ would be floods of orthopaedic injuries, with older runners permanently limped by their exercise habit. However, this new study conducted by Researchers at the University of

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The idea, says fitness expert Dorian Cabral, is to change your mindset and take the focus away from how much weight you have to lose, rather looking at improving your overall health. “Comprehensive heath assessments are a necessity for knowing your health status; without this information it becomes almost impossible