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If you are a woman living in this day and age, you will likely spend a third of your life in menopause. This is because people are living longer than a century ago, and this means that every woman should have a decent understanding of the natural aging process, of

Today we know that hormone health is the foundation of vitality. Whether you need to balance weight, blood pressure, sleep, moods, reproductive issues, libido or your ability to deal with stress, hormones are at the core. “Many people believe that hormone dysfunction is experienced purely as menopause or erectile dysfunction;

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Actress Julianne Hough has publicly spoken out about how endometriosis has impacted her life since youth. From being hospitalised nine years ago, to experiencing stomach pains for most of her life. Hough is now proactive about dealing with the health condition that affects as much as ten percent of all women. 

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Tia Mowry, American actress and model says that food is a potent form of medicine. Her new book, Whole New You, reveals how healthy eating helps ease her debilitating symptoms of endometriosis. Mowry believes “food is powerful and has a significant impact.” Moreover, she says “no matter what you put in your mouth,

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The prevalence of hypothyroidism has increased in the past 50 years. It occurs so frequently  that it is often not considered to be a disease, rather an inevitable commonality. Women make peace with this condition and continue to take thyroid medication for the rest of their lives, without even questioning

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The contraceptive pill may well be a culprit behind increased depression according to a large study published on 28 September 2016.  For many women, this may explain erratic and negative mood swings. Over 1 Million Women on the Pill The contraceptive pill is used by millions of women worldwide. During its

Fertility comes down to many factors, one of them being the state of our immune system. This may seem odd, but the dynamic between the immune system, the sperm and a new fetus is crucial for pregnancy. 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This story goes beyond our hormonal health.

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We all know that HRT has been linked to breast cancer over the years. However, a new study suggests that previous research has underestimated the risk of breast cancer by up to 60%. It also reveals that HRT as much as triples the risk of breast cancer in patients. What Do

A woman’s hair really is an extension of her femininity. If she is having a good hair day the world is a better place. For men, going bald is just part of life. But for a woman hair loss is a terrifying ordeal. Today more and more women are suffering

Suffering from exhaustion, sleep disorders and weight problems is no way to live. Today many people are walking around with undiagnosed thyroid conditions. You may have had your thyroid checked and the results were ‘normal’, or you may be on thyroid medication and still be suffering from the same symptoms.