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In this opinion piece, farmer, health activist and regular contributor to Longevity, Angus McIntosh, contends that disposable nappies are egregious waste and need to replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives. Imagine for a moment that none of the landfills anywhere in the world contained disposable nappies. One of the constant underlying

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Dr. Liz Salada, board-certified internal medicine practitioner, says regular physical activity helps to decrease the symptoms of allergies, as it improves blood flow, which in turn promotes the removal of allergens. And while you can’t (literally) exercise your allergies away, working out can help to minimize your symptoms. “The improved

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Paul McCartney Meat Free Mondays are designed to raise awareness of the unsustainability of the meat and livestock industry around the globe. The not-for-profit initiative is asking people to pledge to go meat free for just one day in a week. Try his delicious meat-free Monday tacos, his recipe is

Introducing a new pet into your home can be a daunting task. “Will they get along” will probably be the main worry going through your head when you make the decision to expand your little pet family. Debbie Caknis, a qualified nurse and midwife with a deep love of animals,

​Ignorance is definitely not bliss – especially when it comes to your health and your family’s health. Not to freak you out, but we can’t be immune to almost every illness, and this includes Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA). I recently read a study that reveals that iron deficiency is the


1 Plant an indigenous tree Make an effort to green SA the simple way – plant a tree to encourage local wildlife, birds and insects. Consider planting the tree in a community without many trees.  2 Find a glass bank and recycle It’s really easy to find a place where

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This desire to visit India wasn’t terribly original for me. I had watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love and read the book (twice). There is a scene where Julia Roberts’ character says to her friend (and I paraphrase): “I used to have a hunger for my life. And it’s just gone.” It


Scientists at The University of Toronto have released research claiming that people with poor short-term memory may actually be more intelligent than people who remember everything. Excuse me while I dance excitedly around my living room. As a person with little-to-no working memory this research is much anticipated (I’m sending

Rome is hot in the summer, like hot hot. The forecast for the next days calls for sun and heat – every day, all day. Rome is also one of the world’s great walking cities – there is nothing better than exploring the side streets and stumbling on a small

“IT IS ALL UP TO YOU!” “CHOOSE HAPPY!” “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE. CHOOSE LOVE!” Every day Facebook is full of reminders about life’s opportunities that are often, in my case at least, posted by friends from their offices (and they hate their jobs) or from home (with