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What if I told you that there were five steps you could take to better your mental state? Your mental well being has an impact on all spheres of life. Scientific evidence does indeed point to five steps that every one of us can take to improve our mental well

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A romantic relationship is a wonderful thing. Renewing love between couples is often neglected entirely and most will end up separating after discord has begun, before having even tried to reconnect. The feeling of falling in love is something most will aspire to experience. The subconscious need to make that

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Enjoying each day should be a goal held by all of us. Happiness shouldn’t escape you because of your routine. However, it’s usually our own fault that we don’t keep this goal in mind. Well, then why don’t we? Human beings are creatures of comfort, and when we experience high

Have you ever seen a French woman wearing a padded push-up bra? Well I haven’t. The simplicity of chic may carry more than just sex appeal, it could also be the key to a healthy bosom. While so many of us are prowling the underwear department for sexy bras, celebrities

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Battling to shut down your mind and get some much-needed sleep? These yoga moves will help to relax your body and mind – and you can even do them in bed. Edward Vilga, a yogi with over 30 years’ experience, and the author of Yoga in Bed: 20 Asanas To

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The key to connecting with your mind, body and spirit through yoga is to match your practice with your personality and your physical needs. Each style of yoga will give you a different way to connect with its ancient wisdom. Take the quiz below courtesy of The Chopra Centre (1) to

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It should not come as a surprise that 80% of all health-related doctor’s visits in the US link back to stress. There are many ways to improve your health and wellbeing, but Yoga has been found to be one of the better remedies, by far – and a recent study by

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This April, brands are revealing an array of unique patterns on their packaging related to health and eco-conscious industries. Food packaging is one of the largest contributors to the excessive waste. Moreover it is littering the world’s landfills and oceans, persuading brands to turn to biodegradable packaging in order to stop the vicious

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Boho Beautiful focuses on creating content to help make people and the world a better place. This is a Bohemian inspired collaboration and thrives on individuality,  growth and personal evolution. Boho Beautiful believe that you can be a better version of yourself, by finding your own balance and learning to love ourselves and

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“Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.” ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel  This weekend, take time out. Here’s why: The creative benefits of unstructured time are very well established. During childhood, ‘play-time’ is essential for the development of your pre-frontal cortex, including regulating emotions, making plans and solving problems.  So intentionally