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I am a woman I am a mother I am a deeply concerned human But first and foremost, I am a humanWaking I am on a journey. The literal distance is not particularly far. Yet, at times,  it has felt like miles and only recently am I beginning to sense

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Life doesn’t always give us time to prepare for unforeseen stress and having a few lighter tips on hand to manage,  can really help. Here Are Our Quick  Lighter Tips You Can Apply to Help Manage Your Stress   1. Pop Some Bubble Gum Time to channel your inner teen. Studies


Google is leading the way with renewable energy. The multinational technology company recently announced that from next year they’ll run 100% off alternate energy sources. Google reports that they have 2.6 GW of renewable energy purchased. They say renewable energy has not only been good for their carbon footprint, but


Here’s a question for you. If you read the label on a box of pills you’ve used before, and in large writing it now says, “This does not work”… Would you still use it?  Well, the US Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it will require these words on all  homeopathic

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You’ve probably seen stories posted across your Facebook and Twitter feeds, about the Standing Rock no DAPL protests taking place in the Dakota’s, Iowa and Illinois. The Oceti Sakowin are a Native American Indian tribe standing in the face of a potential environmental crisis as well as the violation of their human rights. Actress Shailene

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It should not come as a surprise that 90% of all health-related doctors visits link back to stress?  There are many ways to improve your health and well being, but yoga has been found to be one of the better remedies, by far.  Indeed  a recent study by Harvard Medical

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Countless studies are being conducted in the hopes of better understanding one of our most complex organs, the brain. It is your body’s nucleus, providing consciousness, cognition and intelligence. Your brain is the ultimate tool for survival and success, so knowing how to look after it, is vital. This means you need to look at


Walking The Earth is a literary expedition that shines a light on people worth helping, and places worth saving. This story comes to us from Kenya where James Cannon Boyce walked with his Maasai friend, Maison through the Naboisho Conservancy. The first six pages of the story is here –

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There’s often nothing worse then dragging yourself through a long day, all whilst dealing with persistent stomach pains. Sometimes, all you have to do is open your kitchen cupboard to find a solution. Though there are many reasons as to why you could get a sore stomach, the most common include: Indigestion


Battling to shut down your mind and get some much-needed sleep? These yoga moves will help to relax your body and mind – and you can even do them in bed. If sleep is currently not your friend, perhaps you need to look at how your daytime activities are affecting