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It’s very easy to deny that you may have a sugar addiction… But if you feel the urge to reach for a chocolate bar every time your energy levels drop. Or you simply cannot have an iced tea, yoghurt or breakfast cereal without it being flavoured. You may want to rethink how


Agriculture fears the effects of artificial intelligence (AI). Over the last few months I have had many conversations, read many articles and watched some videos about our computer-controlled future. Most people are rational and calm about the technology takeover and artificial intelligence. They are both excited and accepting of it. Other’s fear that

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Often, even when we strive to eat well, we make nutrition errors that we aren’t aware of. I’ve heard many people tell me that they are doing everything right when it comes to healthy eating. And yet they aren’t reaping all the benefits that they thought they would. More often

The brain like any part of the body, needs nourishment, stimulation and proper rest. Yet, it is often the most neglected part of the body, explains Andrea du Plessis, Vital Health Foods’ nutrition expert. It is so easy to get back into that work mode and push yourself towards burnout. This causes

Eat for better health with mushrooms. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University, reporting at the American Chemical Society’s annual conference tell us that mushrooms are rich in the immune boosting antioxidant- ergothioneine. More so than any other food. Eat For Better Health And Include Mushrooms Into Your Diet The South African

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This years healthy food trends are telling. In 2016 we saw our Instagram feeds exploding with healthy food innovations, from avocado recipes to sugar-free everything. You can expect 2017 to take healthy up a notch. This year we will focus on wellness as self-enrichment. 2017 In Healthy Food We are on a journey


A recent Harvard University study for your health mantra reveals that making meals at home has a benefit that could help tens of millions to side step a serious health threat. That’s right! Eating dinner at home could cut your risk for Type-2 diabetes by 15%. Your Health Mantra Guide

sodium benzoate

What Is Sodium Benzoate? We use Sodium Benzoate as a preservative to prevent food from moulding. In this form it is safe, however, scientists have shown that negative side-effects occur when it is mixed with Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). Their studies indicate that it then turns into Benzene, a known carcinogen and DNA-damager.


Research has placed a spotlight on gut health in recent years and emphasised its importance to our overall health and wellbeing. However, many of us still don’t really know why our gut has such a large impact on the rest of our body. Nutrition expert Madaleine Helm shares her insights on


You don’t have to be one of the fallen heroes in this years fight against colds and flu. Armed with these immune boosting tips, victory will be simple. The secret lies in the fundamental ways you eat to fortify your body. Let us get you started on the road to