Healthy Eating

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It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that the food you eat directly affects your health. You may be aware of how certain nutrients can help you. But do you know the signs your body shows you when it’s not getting enough in the first place? Keep an eye

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We all know that there numerous benefits of adding essential fatty acids to your diet. What is often not mentioned, is that Omega 6 needs to be taken with caution to avoid various health concerns. Unlike Omega 3 – which has fantastic rejuvenating qualities – studies now show that Omega

Additives and preservatives may improve the look and lifespan of your food, but they certainly don’t do the same for your body. Ingredients lists are confusing to say the least, but let’s demystify the E-Number Guide. To help us decipher the reams of gobbledygook, ingredients expert Robyn Smith, owner of

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Yes, choosing to have a salad over a hamburger will certainly render its health benefits to you. Unfortunately, not all the leafy greens are created equal. Whilst some are known as “super foods”, others simply just don’t have that much nutritional value. Take Iceberg lettuce for example. Probably one of

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We’re living in the age of sweeteners. More often than not, if you see a sachet of sugar at your cafe table, you’ll see a sweetener option right next to it. All forms of sugar are being swapped out for low-calorie substitutes. What if there was a way to not

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Snacking is an important part of keeping your blood sugar stable and your metabolism on the go. However, it has to be healthy, to be beneficial. We have all fallen under the spell of a snack that appears to be healthy, but contains hidden nasties. Bran muffins and cereal bars

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Living with anxiety can be immobilizing. It’s difficult to navigate your day if you don’t know when or where your next panic attack may occur. Even though anxiety is often seen as a mental issue, one forgets that neurotransmitters and steroid hormones largely influence our mental state. Even though it

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We have all read the contradictory articles on caffeine and headaches. Some say that caffeine will give you headaches, others say that this is simply not the case. Well, we got fed up with this barrage of confusing information and decided to get to the bottom of it once and

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Turning up the heat in your kitchen could add years to your life. According to a recent report,  savoring meals peppered with sizzling-hot spice just twice a week cuts the risk of an early death by 14%. (1) In a Chinese study, researchers from Peking University and Harvard Medical School

healthy eating | Longevity Live

Women love chocolate, but should we be eating it? Anyone who has gorged on slabs of milk chocolate will most likely have experienced weight gain, bad skin and addiction, but is there another side that we have forgotten? The social guilt entrenched in our relationship with this treat is now