This Is Why You Don’t Exercise & How To Fix It

Having lived a couple of months in Japan I have grown accustomed to my daily commute. And I feel lucky that I have free cardio. I’m fortunate in that I naturally enjoy exercise, but for many people exercise is simply not enjoyable.

I cycle because it’s faster than walking, cheaper than driving and because of its exercise component. What was seemingly obvious only struck me earlier this week. No matter the weather, day, time or how unmotivated I was, I still had to pedal to get home!

This is what it meant to make my workout an inextricable part of my day. And I loved that I had no excuse to get out of it! At this point I noticed a very important part of the exercise puzzle that many people struggle to solve.

Solving The Exercise Puzzle

What was considered a workout was actually my means of transport. Getting to a particular place was not an endless game of burning calories. The pace or difficulty of the cycle wasn’t set by a spinning instructor, rather by the urgency of arriving on time.


Moderate exercise is essential to the body’s healthy functioning, and should be treated like a bodily need. However the challenge many people have is making the additional effort outside of their daily routine to fit a workout in.

The idea is to make your workout an integral part of your day. It shouldn’t be considered an additional burden, but a necessity and a way of life.

The truth of the matter is that it comes down to one’s perception of exercise. If it is an absolute requirement  like in my case of cycling to and from work. Then there is never a second thought about it. One simply does it. The main challenge many people confront in their health and fitness journey is simply the luxury to choose if they want or don’t want to workout.

I think this grey area to be a dangerous trap, as it plays into our comfort seeking tendencies, which aren’t always in our best interests.

This is not to say that one has to workout no matter what, as that ‘no excuses mentality’ can be dangerous as well. The way I like to see it is, you have this amazing body and the best way to ensure its longevity is to feed it. With care and to safely challenge it with exercise.

To Train Or Not To Train?

If you find yourself at the stage of life thinking ‘to train or not to train’ then answer the following questions:

1. Are you well, healthy and feeling relatively normal and capable of exercise?

2. Do you have the means to exercise (transport, time, money etc)?

If you you answered yes to both, then you literally have very little to validate your reason for not exercising.




Daily Exercise Recommendations

  • According to the Department of Health and Human services the recommendations for exercise are:
  • Aerobic – 150min moderate or 75 min vigorous exercise
  • Resistance training – All major muscle groups twice a week, single sets with a weight resistance that fatigues the muscle in 12 -15 repetitions.

I personally think that the above recommendation represents half the bare minimum, and not something to aim for. So find an exercise that is part of your lifestyle, then it will never seem like a hassle or a burden, but just a natural part of your life. I’m very fortunate for now that I love my cycling cardio workout. I hope you find your groove too!


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