Why That Fitness Trend Isn’t The Answer

In an age of ever growing complexities we often find ourselves further from the simple exercise truths. It’s at these times that our progress grinds to a halt. Then the only way forward is to go back to basics.

The fitness industry is notorious for over complicating how one should eat and train. As a result it perpetuates the creation of bizarre and often ineffective advice. It seems like our instant gratification culture continues to feed the need for quick fixes and short cuts that just leave our wheels spinning.

Beware of The Peacock Displays of Personal Trainers


‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ perfectly describes what isn’t happening with tried and tested strength movements in many gyms. A highly competitive gym floor room can have 10 – 20 personal trainers at any one time. The need to stand out drives some to re-invent movements.

Granted there are some reinvented movements that are very effective. Such as adding elastic bands to a chest press machine to bring added focus to the peak of the concentric phase.

However, most people who hire a personal trainer are ignorant about exercise. They then get taken in by their trainers unique movements. Believing that when an exercise variation is somewhat harder and looks highly modified it is more effective. They are then also likely to believe that their personal trainer is more knowledgeable. This can be dangerous.

An example is jumping on a bosu ball in an attempt to amplify achieved height and the instability of a standard squat jump. This can cause an awkward landing and an injury rather than result in athletic strength gains.

The laughable stunt show of a personal trainer may just inspire another equally ignorant personal trainer to up his game, and the silly cycle continues.

The major issue in the fitness industry is its lack of regulations. As a result, almost anyone can become a personal trainer. This is why there is such a large disparity in skill and service quality.

Fitness Rules That Have Stood The Test of Time


In conclusion:

  1. Do your research on how to properly execute basic movements. With a bit or practice you will know what to look for.
  2. Don’t be fooled by the colourful variations. Stick to the basic original prime movements. Bread and butter movements may be considered plain, however, one cannot question their effectiveness.
  3. As opposed to mastering more and more difficult movements, stick to the basics. Aim to do more repetitions  at an increased load to achieve true transformation and progression.


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  2. 16 September 2016 at 12:47 pm

    This is a very useful article.

    There are 2 key points I always focus on:
    – Execution
    – Posture

    Failure to do exercises correctly reduces the benefits, but more importantly can increase the chances of injury.

    Timi Horvath

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