The Health Benefits of Kissing

A kiss is a global expression of love, however, it is also proven to benefit your health…

Not only is kissing an important way to find out whether a possible mate is right for you, but if you are already in a relationship, the ways it can benefit your daily life are endless.

Most successful long-term relationships are characterised by physical affection. Though many may think that this tends to fade with time. It is proven that the happiest couples, are the ones that never stop showing their love to one another.

Dkissing | Longevity LIVE id You Know? 

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why humans started kissing in order to show affection to one another. The most likely theory stems from primate mothers having to pass chewed food to their babies, who had no teeth, and could not chew it themselves. This kind of contact then evolved further than simply being a means for survival. As it also promoted social bonding.

So What Does Kissing Do?

kissing | Longevity LIVE1. It Boosts Your Immune System

A study conducted by Arizona State University communications professor, Kory Floyd, along with his colleagues investigated the health benefits of physical affection on 52 couples who were either married or lived together. The partners who invested more time in puckering up, proved to have an improved immune resistance to allergens, as well as a strengthened parasympathetic nervous system. Meaning they had a better physiological resilience to stress.

kissing | Longevity LIVE 2. Burns Calories

Numerous studies prove that you can burn anywhere between 2-6 calories per minute by kissing. Though it shouldn’t be substituted for exercise, if you choose to lock lips for an hour and a half, you can burn off half a glass of red wine. According to the University of New Mexico, how much air you breath in is they key to burning calories whilst you kiss. So if you find yourself breathing heavily, you know you’re burning calories.

3. Makes You Happier

The minute you kiss a loved one, your brain instantly kissing | Longevity LIVEreleases a great deal of feel-good chemicals throughout your body. So not only does it help boost your own happiness, but it can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Oxytocin is the hormone of love. And it is proven that those who have better oxytocin levels, are more capable of falling in love.