My 5 Cents Worth on Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules

There’s no doubt that Elizabeth Arden’s original Ceramide Capsules are extremely popular and have quite a loyal following. If you’re not quite familiar with them, these little golden pods consist of a bio-engineered, skin-identical ceramide formula. Yes, I know that’s a lot of fancy talk, and I get that ceramides sound like something you’d need in a pottery class and not a skincare product – but you’d be surprised at how crucial they are for your skin’s health.

Ceramides are actually a naturally occurring essential fatty acid your skin needs to keep nourished and protected – kind of like your body’s own DIY moisturizer. Unfortunately, as you age everything slows down, including your skin’s ability to make these ceramides – which is why EA decided to find a way to keep your ceramide levels nice and stable, no matter your age.

Good concept, right? Now the question at hand is – does this actually work? (1)

Given that I am skincare obsessed, it should come as no surprise that I used the original capsules and was a great fan. So when the advanced ceramide capsules were released my first thought was, “If it ain’t broke – why fix it?” I honestly wasn’t convinced this was necessary. Then it hit me.  “I guess beauty has changed quite a bit since 1990, hey.”  True as Bob, the original capsules were developed 27 years ago – so maybe it actually is time for a revamp? Honestly, not even a hairstyle should last that long! (2)

In saying this, anyone who knows me will quickly tell you I am quite discerning, slightly judgmental and quick to chuck a product in the bin if the ingredients, formula and research don’t resonate with its claims. So if you’re coming to me for beauty advice, be warned. I’ll probably make you throw half your toiletries away and start your regime from scratch.

I have exactly three questions I ask myself before deciding whether the product is a winner or not – and here’s what I can say about these new 2.0 capsules.

1. Does it do what a beauty product should instantly do?

Let’s be honest – beauty products are not cheap. So when you buy something you want it to feel like a spoil when you’re applying it or wearing it. In this case I was looking for scent, texture and application.

I really loved the fact that it’s fragrance-free. There’s nothing wrong with ethically scented products. But if your serum is scented, your moisturizer is scented, then you add deodorant and perfume on top of that – you end up smelling like a perfumery threw up on you. And synthetic fragrances are not great for your skin health – not at all.  (3)

I also found the texture of the oil very pleasant, it’s easily absorbed and doesn’t give you that icky, greasy feeling many serums have a tendency of doing.

The packaging is also elegant yet fun to use. These little capsules that you pop open are honestly quite comical – but at the same time a dream if you’re an avid traveler like me and need to pack sparingly. Three days. Six capsules. Done.

2. Is there enough research behind this product and can you vouch for the majority of its claims?

When it comes to brands like Elizabeth Arden, people in the industry know just how much research goes behind each one of their products. Not only are all their standard products clinically tested, EA has taken its research even further and created their own cosmeceutical range, called Prevage.

Then my favorite part – the claims – which honestly just make me giggle in most cases they’re so ludicrous. Catching on that I’m a cynic yet? So let’s breakdown exactly what EA claims this product can do:

  • Immediately re-texturizes and revitalizes the look of skin.

So I was a bit sneaky here – I took capsules and applied formula onto different people’s hands. I then got an entirely random person to tell me exactly which hands they thought felt smoother and softer. 8/10 people chose the hands with product on. Those results were good enough to convince me.

  • Visibly improves skin’s radiance and enhances skin hydration for a fresh and balanced feel

I actually despise the term “skin radiance”, because it’s such an opinion-based claim, so I stick to skin hydration. If you’re like me, living in the middle of a polluted, dry city (4) – you’ll get that ‘tight’ feeling on your skin a lot. I can’t deny that this product was able to relieve me of that feeling, so definitely a win there.

  • Supports skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I’m young enough that heavy wrinkles aren’t my main concern. When I look at claims such as “reduce fine lines and wrinkles”, what I really want to see is that the product can keep my skin protected from factors that promote wrinkling. That will take years of use to truly tell, however, so what I can vouch for is the fact that it does give an instant plumpness to your skin. Filling out any fine lines you may be developing – I loved that – makes it perfect for women in their 30s. (5)

3. Is it worth the price?

Yup, yup and yup again. Like I said, beauty products are notoriously expensive and this product has one heck of a competitive price. If you look at what most retailers are selling it for and divide that by the number of capsules, you’re basically looking at just over R1 a capsule – I mean, come on!

So all in all, would I buy it? Yes, I think I would. But given its unique structure and purpose – I would solely recommend it to other skincare lovers like me. Once you’ve covered your cupboard basics (moisturizer and sunscreen being top priority) and feel like upgrading your regime, this is the next tier.


  1. Sharon
    6 September 2017 at 6:15 pm

    My two main concerns are : is the product tested on animals, and do the empty containers contribute to plastic or micro beading pollution?

    • mm
      8 September 2017 at 9:06 am

      Hi Sharon,

      Those are both great questions. Firstly, the product itself and the ingredients in the product are not tested on animals. There is also no animal testing involved for the product’s distribution around Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australia. Unfortunately on entry to Asia – mainly China – the products are tested on animals as it is that country’s policy for all cosmetic imports. Elizabeth Arden are actively trying to resolve this legal issue. Secondly, the actual capsules cases are not made from plastic and are 100% biodegradable, therefore they do not contribute at all to pollution caused by micro-beads and other synthetic cosmetic products. I hope this clears up any concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. Thanks, Marina