Is Gold-Infused Skin Care Worth The Hype?

There are plenty of intriguing products and treatments that promise a plethora of pro-aging benefits. Although one of the most personally intriguing of them all must be gold-infused skin care.  Interested, I turned to some trusted dermatologists and asked them whether this skin care treatment is hype or hope.

Many civilizations have relied on the use of gold for the treatment of the signs of aging. Cleopatra, and ancient Chinese Royals Is Gold-Infused Skin Care Worth The Hype?| Longevitywere in fact known for this. These days, gold-infused skin care has re-gained its popularity following the invention and celebrity endorsement of the 24K gold facial back in 2015. Now, gold has made its way to face masks, the 24K gold sheet mask, and even facial creams. Begging the question, is it worth the constantly growing hype?

Why Gold?

As someone who truly believes in the benefits of regular at-home facials, this way my first question. Gold is said to be a great anti-aging ingredient, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin’s surface. It can help reduce inflammation which is the cause of acne and hyper- pigmentation. According to Dr Paul Jarred Frank, when applied topically, it may also help brighten up the skin.

What Are The Benefits?

Apart from its promise of  healthy aging, gold also helps reduce any redness and puffiness on the skin. And, is said to help  improve scaring and acne. There are however many different types of gold skincare, some of which are made specifically to Is Gold-Infused Skin Care Worth The Hype?| Longevitydeal with specific skin concerns.

It comes highly advised to pay close attention to the ingredients used in these products. Because gold is not soluble, the risk of pure gold treatments and products causing any form of damage or irritation to the skin is low. A great risk does however come into play with the additives added to the products. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, it comes highly advised to stay away from these products.

How Do These Products Work?

Gold helps regenerate the skin through to the effect it has on the skin’s cellular processes. Highly active ions and electrons penetrate the cells membrane and contribute to healthy regeneration. This helps to reduce the early signs of aging such as fine lines. This does however only apply to raw gold.Is Gold-Infused Skin Care Worth The Hype?| Longevity

What’s The Verdict?

Raw gold does indeed have incredible properties that helps with healthy aging and skin rejuvenation and was used thousands of years ago for this very purpose. It has now become the go-to ingredient in skin care products and has been flaked, liquefied and otherwise suffused in moisturizers and sunscreens, eye creams and lip balms. Which is where great caution has to be taken. Pay close attention to the ingredients added to the gold.


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