What I Wore to a Yoga, Salsa, Abs Express & Step Class Workout

What happens when you mix yoga, salsa, ab express and step class together for Adidas, you ask? Well, to sum it up nicely a lot of sweat, laughter and the dawning realisation that you’re not as fit as you thought you were.

However before I share the details with you, I would like to start by applauding myself for having made it to this Saturday morning workout event at all. In fact, I’ll extend that applause to the rest of the like-minded media who joined too. I am not a winter person at all. So when I woke up that day only to find out it was wet, cold and overcast. Every part of my body told me to cancel. But alas, my journalistic curiosity forced me out of bed and into some clothes.

Oh, what did I wear you ask? Well, the good news is that after I publicly shared my concerns about what the hell one wears to a yoga, salsa, abs express and step class. The star of the show, Amanda du-Pont, answered my question:

So at least that was taken care of, but I still needed to get there wearing something. A friend suggested that I just wear whatever Adidas stuff I owned, so I did. I felt a bit like a suck up, I won’t lie, but at the same time it was either that, or avoiding the dilemma altogether and going naked. Yes, this seemed like a logical conclusion at the time.

This was honestly the hardest part of my day. The minute I arrived at the beautiful venue, I was quickly whisked away into a change room, handed some new activewear to put on (Adidas of course), and directed straight to the workshop. So all the angst about choosing something to wear was basically for nothing. At least my concerted effort to arrive wearing my own Adidas clothing didn’t go unnoticed in the 3 seconds I wore it.

adidas | Longevity LIVE
Just because we wore workout gear, didn’t mean we couldn’t get creative for the salsa session. @queenfitnass

Okay so what did I actually wear? Basically Adidas, made sure we were all dressed in some of their most flexible and breathable kit. So that no matter what movements we did, we felt comfortable. Which was quite convenient given the Jackson Pollock workout we had to do. And the best part personally was that I got to test out a pair of their latest, ultraBOOSTX takkies. Now, bare in mind I was not paid to give these shoes positive publicity. I genuinely think they’re a cupboard essential if you exercise regularly. And if you’d like to know more before buying a pair, I will be reviewing them in our October/November issue of Longevity – so keep a lookout.

The workout in itself was intense, rigorous and revitalising. After 1hr 30minutes of training I was tired but my serotonin levels were sky rocketing. In fact, anyone who finishes a good workout and doesn’t say “damn that felt good.” … you didn’t do it right. And if you need some convincing about why a high intensity interval training class like this one is crucial. How

adidas | Longevity LIVE
Doing some mindfulness during our yoga session

about the fact that it actually helps keep you feeling and looking younger. Any takers yet?

So to sum up: There is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t workout, ‘it’s cold’ being one of them. And as long as you don’t become one of those ridiculous people who lives in their activewear. I definitely recommend investing in gear that’s comfortable and multi-functional (but if you wear yoga pants to a restaurant I will personally come and confiscate them). Finally, hard work is always well rewarded. And in this case, I rewarded myself with a tall glass of champagne.

Cheers and happy Monday!