JP Sears: Your Wellness Satire King

JP Sears is running an emotional healing and coaching practice. He works with people worldwide via Skype. His satirical methods involve retreats around the world which focus on different healing and personal empowerment themes which facilitate similar people to coming together to learn, grow, and heal.

JP Sears: How Does Comedy Meet Wellness?

The influential coach tells us that true art is about giving JP Sears [Longevity Live]people what they need and creating a deeper connection to their minds.

The ‘Yogi’ coach has a YouTube channel called, AwakenWithJP. He creates videos which encourage people to help themselves. These videos include a hilarious, ‘Ultra Spiritual Life’ video series. The coach uses comedy to share tips and advice about health, wellness, and spirituality. Sears is even teaching us how to take Yoga photographs for Instagram. This unique method is seen in his best video called- ‘Ultra Spiritual Life 34.’

Sears tells us that he coaches through people’s vulnerability. His humorous techniques are helping people connect to their emotions, feelings, memories and experiences.

Living A More Meaningful Life

JP Sears has developed a cult-like following on both Instagram and YouTube, whereby people are both intrigued and confused. They are uncertain as to whether or not he is joking around or providing extremely informative tips for wellness through entertainment. Despite this debate, Sears does share some very valuable messages about health
and spirituality.

JP Sears believes that life is not worth living without humour. The way to living a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle is by creating meaning in our lives. His methods may be unorthodox, but he is certainly one of the top influences of wellness for 2017.

#LivingLaYogaLoca: The Expert ‘Yogi’ Sheds Some Light

If you want to ‘totally transform’ your life, then take some of Sears’ advice:JP Sears [Longevity Live]

1. Make your bed everyday!

This may be a small action, but it has a domino effect over your day. JP Sears says it will make you feel as if your day has been started on a clean slate. By simply knowing your room is clean and fresh, you will feel more motivated for success.


2. Write daily for a minimum of 20 minutes

Whether or not writing is your passion, JP Sears recommends it. Writing will make you feel more productive and clarify your thoughts. It will also ease any emotions that may overwhelm you. Sears says that a few minutes of jotting down something, is worth it!

3. Meditate everyday!

It essential to dedicate a few minutes to being grounded and present. Sears tells us that he used to meditate in the morning, but he found that an evening meditation feels a lot more natural. Meditation will allow you to tap into a different part of yourself that’s difficult to access in any other way.

4. Include Yoga and Fitness daily!

By incorporating Yoga and gym into your routine you will not only feel better in terms of health and fitness. But, you will also feel more relaxed. Yoga reduces anxiety, stress and releases endorphin’s-triggering your ‘happy hormones.’ Any form of exercise is crucial on a daily rate.

This comedian/life coach is transforming the way we think about wellness, health and spirituality. JP Sears may be unorthodox, but he is the ‘go-to’ healer of the year. Sears says that these are small changes. But when done regularly the results can be mind-blowing.

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