Want To Try Microblading In Joburg?

A wise person once said, ” Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance. They happen by appointment”.

Where To Microblade In Joburg| LongevityAlthough microblading has been a popular procedure in Asia and in Europe for over 25 years now, it’s relatively new in South Africa. Meaning, there aren’t too many places to get your eyebrows done yet. However, there are a few studios and practices introducing it to satisfy the otherwise meagerness Joburg market.  This procedure can be performed in many different ways. And, anyone with a tattoo license may perform the cosmetic procedure. Henceforth, the procedure may often be performed by untrained professionals. Given the nature of this procedure, it also comes highly advised to do some research to verify the credentials of the practitioner you select.  Here are a few trusted professionals in Joburg to hopefully help make your decision.

1. The Brow Studio, Melrose Arch

Brow Specialist Samantha Divaris and her team of highly skilled professionals run this dexterous studio in glamorous bustle of Melrose Arch. Diviaris boasts a Masters in Health and Skincare Therapy from the renownedWhere To Microblade In Joburg| Longevity Beauty Therapy Institute in Cape Town amongst other impressive qualifications. The self- confessed perfectionist developed her love and passion for eyebrows 13 years ago. Amongst her team is brow and microblading specialist Monique. 7 years of experience in the beauty industry and being internationally accredited explain just some of Monique’s credentials.

2. Brow Boutique South Africa

Positioned in Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort, the boutique has only been open since 2016.  However, the boutique is owned by the incredibly impressive Jess Hollingdrake. After qualifying with international Masters Training in Microblading, Colour Knowledge and Pigment Removal, Jess established herself as one of the first microblading artists in South Africa. This small boutique salon is situated in a small boutique garden setting.