Christie Brinkley Is Fire In A Bikini At 63.


Christie Brinkley is [LongevityLIVE]Being the ultimate supermodel in America isn’t an easy job. However, this mother of three makes working out and staying in tip-top shape seem effortless, despite her busy schedule. In an interview with she explains that her age has little to do with her image of herself. This is because at a certain point, the number just doesn’t match your feelings about yourself. The number becomes irrelevant and no longer represents your youthful, energetic spirit.

Christie Brinkley is all about mixing her workouts up! She explained in the interview that she gets bored to do the same thing everyday. I think that we can all agree with Brinkley. Most of us get bored easily and actually lose the motivation to continue.  She adds that the only thing that helped her maintain a constant workout routine was to start with Total Gym. Not only for this reason, but because it also helps her prevent injuries.

The supermodel says “I’ve had injuries in my life from things beyond my control. Runaway horses, helicopters that decide to crash on mountaintops and boating accidents. Things that were out of my hands.” She adds that Total Gym is similar to doing a yoga workout, as it prepares your body for unexpected events in a similar way.

She even does family workouts, which is proof that there’s no more excuses. Moreover, Christie Brinkley firmly believes that exercise is met with your diet. We’ve all heard the expression, “fitness is 80% diet and 20% is exercise.” If you want a bikini body then let this be your daily reminder.

So, What’s Her Secret?

Christie Brinkley is all about longevity. Here are her top secrets: 

1. She’s Against “Fad-Dieting”

Christie Brinkley is completely against irregular dieting and she tells people to ditch fads Christie Brinkley is [LongevityLIVE]entirely. According to EATTHISNOTTHAT.COM, Brinkley has even written a book called, “Timeless Beauty” which shares all of her advice and secrets to longevity. The book focuses on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle with a variety of foods and daily exercise.

2. Christie Brinkley Is A True Vegetarian

Often Brinkley posts on Instagram about her love for vegetarianism. She also hashtags “I’m a lifelong #vegetarian aspiring #vegan,” in her captions. She says she feels so much better when she makes time to exercise and eat well.  She tells media sources that she classifies herself as a “flexible vegan,” mainly because of the Italian cuisine. She says she absolutely “loves fresh mozzarella and just cannot eliminate it from my life!” Whether or not she’s vegetarian or an aspiring vegan, the thing that never changes for her is to eat three meals a day. Plus, she snacks in between every meal with plant-based foods to get her daily dose of macro-nutrients. However, she told that “she hasn’t touched a piece of meat since she was 12 and, over the years, has fluctuated between eating different types of dairy.”

3. She Uses Total Gym And Mixes-Up Her Workouts

Most of us experience the same feeling when it comes to exercise. We burn out and get tired of repetitive workouts. Christie Brinkley is  no different. This is why she Christie Brinkley is [LongevityLIVE]mixes-up her workouts with fun exercises like paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, rafting, running on the beach, and even walking. She tells EATTHISNOTTHAT.COM  that she has days where she, waves her arms around whilst walking on the beach and calls it “swimming down the beach.” She says the best part is not even caring how quirky you might look. To top it off, she even does push-up’s and step aerobics off the stands while watching her kids play sports. Go mom!

We can learn a thing or two about confidence from Brinkley too.

4) She Always Takes Care Of Her Skin!

If you’re impressed, then you’ll be more surprised to know Christie Brinkley is the CEO of her own anti-aging cream company. She calls it, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare. The company has a variety of products which have age-defying capabilities. However, Brinkley’s Bio-Copper Complex seems to work the best. According to her the magical formulation has interesting combinations of rare plant extracts, amino acids, and copper that keeps skin bright and youthful while protecting it against UVA/UVB rays. The point being, however, is to always look after your skin. It’s with you forever and the results are worth it.

5) Her Mindset Is Contagiously Positive!Christie Brinkley [Longevity LIVE]

I think it’s possible that we often underestimate the power of our state of mind.  A positive mind can do wonders to your entire aura and quality of life. Just scrolling through Brinkley’s Instagram makes you feel happy, with not one photograph void of her beautiful smile. Like I said, it’s contagious! So maybe the answer is to find inner happiness and exude positive energy, daily. Studies show that positive emotions can even enhance our ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life. So, why not put a smile on that face?





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