Sophie Gray Believes Self-Love Is The Foundation For Health

Sophie Gray stands out in today’s world of Instagram empires. It might be because of her infinite positivity and her dedication to promoting self-love. This is the foundation for any successful diet or fitness regime.

Sophie Gray Launches The Self-Love ChallengeSophie Turner [Longevity Live]

Gray runs a business called, ‘The Way of  Gray,’ which launched a Self-Love Challenge in 2016. The challenge involves asking thousands of women around the world to take little daily steps towards self-love and acceptance. Her priority is about empowering all women to live the healthiest-more importantly, the happiest lives possible.

Sophie Gray always asks the question, ‘do you want to wake up each morning and love who you see in the mirror?’ Her ultimate goal is to inspire you to fall in love with your body and your uniqueness, in a world filled with incredibly high beauty standards.

What Is ‘The Way Of Gray’?

Originally the business began as a rebellion. It was an act against everything extreme. This includes, unsustainable diets and trends which have been disguised as healthy lifestyles. Sophie Gray tells us that the goal is based on three simple truths. These truths are what guide ‘The Way Of Gray.’

Follow The Three Truths To A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Living A Healthy Lifestyle, Means Doing What Works Best For You.

It is important to remember that the key to a fulfilled and healthy life is, balance and self-love. Sophie Gray believes that exercise is important. But, it should not only be based on the number of calories you consume, or the amount of crazy gym sessions you complete.

Sophie Gray and her Dog

Balance means enjoying that cookie, or skipping that workout. It means that certain days you will eat kale and do Yoga. Other days you will watch series or indulge in a pizza on a Friday night. Gray says that having a perfect bikini body is not everything and you don’t need to beat yourself up! A balanced lifestyle means doing all of these things in moderation and that there is space for all of it.

2. A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Mind-Set.

Sophie Gray expresses that everybody suffers from some form of limiting beliefs. Their shape or size makes no difference. Anxiety, depression, self-doubt and self-loathing can happen to anyone. She says that the minute you learn to love yourself and realise you are worthy of self-love, is the minute you will be living a happy and healthy life. The only person stopping you from reaching your goals is yourself.

3. A Healthy Lifestyle Can And Should Fit Effortlessly Into Your Life.

Gray admits that achieving a healthy lifestyle can be tough. But, it is possible to find ways that are enjoyable, affordable and simple. She tells us that there many ways to effortlessly incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life.

Sophie Gray

For example, keeping a health progress journal. Sophie Gray highly recommends this as it will help you:

  • Track your workouts and nutrition progress.
  • Check in with yourself. (Tune into your thoughts, feelings and mindset.)
  • Provide daily motivation to push yourself further.

‘The Way of Gray’ is one of the most influential movements of 2017. It will be your ‘go-to’ place for empowering insights that will transform your life. Sophie Gray is on a mission to provide you with life-changing tips, reminders and stories to love yourself, when feeling defeated. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out.


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