Dior Insider Is Introducing Beauty To Artificial Intelligence In 2017

Dior Insider is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) beauty assistant platform. The fashion mega-brand is launching the innovation this year. Dior is famous for its elegant range of clothing, cosmetics and fragrances. We also know that it isn’t a brand unfamiliar to experiential marketing. Their focus is building a stronger connection to their target consumers. 

Dior Brings A.I. To Luxury Beauty, But How Does It Work?

According to sources like Retail Dive,the brand is launching a new experience via Facebook Messenger called Dior Insider. It is similar to other brands’ strategies and allows consumers to learn about the latest brand news. The platform gives you the opportunity to ask questions about their products through an interactive chatbot software.Dior Insider | Longevity LIVE

Trendhunter tells us that Dior’s plan is “to offer a more personalised approach to skincare and cosmetics shopping.” Moreover, “premium shoppers can gain access to exclusive tutorials, makeup tips and even product samples before they complete their next purchase.” This A.I. beauty assistant app also allows you to communicate with the virtual chatbot. It makes no difference whether you’re looking for answers about product-related questions or access to branded social media content.

The beauty industry is certainly getting more sophisticated this year. Brands will be competing to offer more personalised experiences.

Dior Insider | Longevity LIVEHow Does It Work?

Luxury Daily explains that the A.I. app starts by greeting you by name and asking if you are one of Dior’s privileged clients. If your response is, no- the app says, ‘Not yet… it’s just a matter of time’ with a wink emoji. Moreover, the “prompts continue by asking what you are looking for, giving a choice of skincare or makeup. Within this prompt, Dior Insider suggests products like the latest addition to the Dior Addict lipstick line.”

The incredible app also includes emojis and GIFs to create a fun and playful experience for consumers. For example, Retail Dive says, it “begins to play the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted campaign for Dior Addict lacquer sticks. It then asks if you would be interested in hearing what Ms. Lawrence thinks of the product. By saying, ‘yes, with pleasure,’ the A.I. begins an interview with Ms. Lawrence, where she talks about her first time in Los Angeles and the lipsticks.”

According to Luxury Daily, the A.I. concludes the experience with a video of tips from Peter Philips. Phillips is the makeup creative director of Dior. Lastly, the app gives you an invitation to visit a Dior beauty store for a consultation and expert tips. It then asks for your location, to find your closest store.

What Does This Mean For Beauty?

The A.I. app is going to grow in popularity. Dior Insider | Longevity LIVEAccording to Retail Dive “Dior Insider also promotes the brand’s beauty
and primary
Instagram accounts to help consumers keep the most up-to-date.” Therefore, many other brands are introducing chatbots to assist and entertain technologically savvy consumers. These are brands ranging from watches, to fashion and even publishing.

Recent studies are showing that only 46% of luxury brands are promoting in-store services online, which is causing a disconnect in customer service. According to Retail Dive, “most luxury brands are lacking the ability to translate concierge services into the digital age. Many are also missing a huge opportunity to connect to an active audience.”

Therefore, technology is rapidly influencing the way our beauty brands interact with us. 2017 is purely focused on coming up with new inventions and establishing personalised relationships with us. Times are changing quickly, we may as well join the tech-savvy beauty world!


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