A Spring Water That Is A Natural Skin Probiotic

Ever thought that spring water could be a natural skin probiotic?  

It starts with a single drop of rain. Avène Thermal Spring Water follows a 40-year journey through the Cevennes Mountain permeable rock, emerging clean and pure in the small French village of Avène, where it is bottled directly from the source.

Avene | Longevity LIVE

The properties that Avène Thermal Spring Water has come from its unique and original composition. This includes a low mineral content as well as a neutral pH, and ion-balanced with bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium. The water also contains a large diversity of trace elements, which are naturally beneficial to the most sensitive and irritated skins.

A Water Set Apart By its Mineral Wealth

By analysing its composition and using extremely disciplined investigation technologies, The Pierre Fabre research teams as well as the public research teams they partnered with quickly revealed the biological wealth of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Avon | Longevity LIVEVery unique active molecules were found, however, it was from looking behind these molecules that the team discovered microflora specific to this spring water.

What makes this element even more singular and remarkable. Is that it can only survive in the very deep, pure and crystalline waters of Avène. This microflora, known as Aqua Dolomiae, produces active substances that partly account for the water’s soothing and anti-irritant properties.

The spray bottle is covered with a hermetic and tamper-evident seal. This means that with every use, the water gets released completely intact as well as pure and clear. As if you were drawing it directly from the spring in Avène, France itself. These precautions provide a major advantage for sensitive skin – anywhere and anytime.

Some of its Many Uses Include

Spray on your face after exercise

Alleviate facial rednessAvene | Longevity LIVE

Refresh when travelling

Complete your make-up removal regime

Calm razor burn

Protect damaged skin

Calm itchy skin

Help diaper rash

After a surgical procedure

Calm skin after hair removal

Cool skin after sunburn