Five exercises to anti-age you by CANDICE Tehini Keeping in shape is the No 1 measure we can take to prevent aging. These next few exercises will help to keep you fit and strong in your everyday life. Personal trainer and owner of Athletic Mind, David Ayres, says: “The clean-and-jerk and

This morning I listened to a talk by the CEO of FNB Michael Jordaan, hosted by FNB Private Clients, on lessons he learned from his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. Now you may wonder what on earth the WEF has to do with our anti-aging

Revlon Age Defying (R210) does more than cover up the signs of aging; it also contains powerful skincare ingredients that help protect your skin’s DNA. Its creamy formula helps reduce discolouration while concealing imperfections.

You may have retrieved your skin genes from the deeper end of the gene pool, but even you need to start using anti-ageing creams to keep your good looks in check. Here are our five top picks: QMS Cellular Marine, R2 000 – Derived from sea fennel stem cells it