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Diet should be a lifestyle choice. The Mediterranean diet has been around for centuries. It’s an eating style that’s hugely undermined even though we know that it is one of the healthiest diets worldwide. In fact, a panel of expert nutritionists voted it the top, healthiest diet of 2018. Athletes and

plant-based diet | Longevity LIVE

There is a growing awareness that consuming a primarily plant-based diet is crucial for good health. Studies are showing that swapping animal proteins for plant-based proteins can help improve your longevity and lower your chances of lifestyle disease. Not to mention, lowering your intake of animal-based products is also a fantastic way to

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We ate a good deal of Shan noodles en route to and while we were staying at Inle Lake in Myanmar. It’s a popular dish, not only among the locals in the Land of the Golden Pagodas. You can also find variants of this dish all over Southeast Asia. Shan

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Antibiotics that are designed for human use have been used in farming over the years to help animal lots grow faster and larger thereby increasing the yield for farmers. This boosts farm to plate efficiency and profitability. It has been estimated that animals who are injected with or fed antibiotics

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This gourmet peri-peri chicken recipe was sent to us by the resident executive chef at the newly launched restaurant at Slow in the City, called The Course, and comprises of the chicken, tzatziki, tomato and fennel salsa, a freshly prepared glaze, micro herbs and lemon wedges to serve. It is perfect for

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These days, most of us are under a lot of stress. A lot. Whether our stress is driven by health issues, our job, finances, family issues, or concerns about politics—or all of the above—times can get tough. In 2018, avoiding stress is pretty much impossible unless you live in a

Deepak Chopra

I can’t resist the temptation to begin this story with the words of Deepak Chopra, the keynote speaker at the Living in Balance retreat I recently attended. He says, “To live without love, compassion, or any other spiritual value creates a state of such severe imbalance that every cell yearns

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When it comes to feeding your children, you may have to sneak fruit in. This is a perfect recipe to help you provide a healthy snack for your children. It has been extracted from a book titled Mila’s Meals: The Beginnings & The Basics, by Catherine Barnhoorn. This is a

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The real, natural human condition is one of vibrance and vitality, void of neuroses. It is possible to feel human without the crutch of pharmaceuticals, so-called multivitamins and everything else sold to you in the guise of making you feel better. You need to change from the inside, and there

Dieting, food and exercise philosophies are seductive, even addictive. They promise us a flawless body, perfect skin, lots of energy and a stable mood. We can’t get enough and we keep looking for the next big thing to acquire the perfect physical shape and optimal health. So what is the