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When it comes to feeding your children, you may have to sneak fruit in. This is a perfect recipe to help you provide a healthy snack for your children. It has been extracted from a book titled Mila’s Meals: The Beginnings & The Basics, by Catherine Barnhoorn. This is a

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The real, natural human condition is one of vibrance and vitality, void of neuroses. It is possible to feel human without the crutch of pharmaceuticals, so-called multivitamins and everything else sold to you in the guise of making you feel better. You need to change from the inside, and there

Dieting, food and exercise philosophies are seductive, even addictive. They promise us a flawless body, perfect skin, lots of energy and a stable mood. We can’t get enough and we keep looking for the next big thing to acquire the perfect physical shape and optimal health. So what is the

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While keeping fit and healthy is a number one priority for many of us, when you have errands to run, deadlines to meet, a family to feed and a household to maintain – it sometimes gets pushed aside. In saying this, Momentum Wellness Ambassador, Mary Mutlanyane, believes that it’s all

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“The pancakes are easy enough to make, provided that you have all of your bits and pieces ready and waiting,” says Paul. Jessica Pieterse, registered dietician at Nutritional Solutions, notes, “Lutein is a phytonutrient that is found in spinach. Certain studies have shown that it lowers the risk of cancers

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Our Myanmar journey, inspired by the novel Floating, had thus far been a whirlwind of historic sites, great food, hospitable people, shopping and visiting unique places. Our group of travelers had taken in the sights and sounds of the bustling Yangon and reveled in the stupendous sensory overload of the

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So, you think salt has to be white, iodated and free-flowing? Just like all of the ingredients we consume in our food, we spend very little time thinking about the one we use the most: salt. Salt has a very interesting history. Until Roman times it was a rare commodity,

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Nourished skin not only feels great, it looks radiant – and collagen plays a massive role in this. Adding an extra boost of nutrients to our diet can go a long way towards preventing the negative effects of pollution and stress on our complexion. Collagen is an important protein that

As the number of people who suffer from a form of chronic pain increase every year, so do the amount of prescribed opioids used to treat them increase. Luckily, a global understanding of how to better manage chronic pain and other lifestyle diseases is beginning to emerge. So it’s time

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  Being the ultimate supermodel in America isn’t an easy job. However, this mother of three makes working out and staying in tip-top shape seem effortless, despite her busy schedule. In an interview with she explains that her age has little to do with her image of herself. This is because at