Hair Loss


A cancer diagnosis and choosing to undergo chemo is a challenging process on its own, but the side-effect of losing one’s hair can be devastating. However, there is a breakthrough treatment that can help. The process of chemotherapy is challenging enough, but losing your hair can quickly turn your sensitive


Suffering from exhaustion, sleep disorders and weight problems is no way to live. Today many people are walking around with undiagnosed thyroid conditions. You may have had your thyroid checked and the results were ‘normal’, or you may be on thyroid medication and still be suffering from the same symptoms.

Hair loss

A recent survey conducted by independent company Plus 94 Research, on behalf of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, has found that hair loss is more prevalent in middle-aged South African men than erectile dysfunction. Close on 40% of the 600 men (aged 20 to 65) showed signs of hair loss. This rose


For many of us, a feisty cup of coffee is our go-to drink of choice when we’re feeling more bleh than buoyant. But for one German scientist, the miracle of caffeine seemed too limiting to be just a caffe latte or espresso here and there. Dr Adolf Klenk is putting caffeine


Did you know that more than a third of South African women over the age of 30 say they are showing signs of early hair loss? This is according to a new survey that has been completed by an independent company Plus 94 Research, on behalf of Plantur39. The results of

In the same way an out-of-date fashion accessory can tag you as “so 1985” (and not in the cool, retro kind of way), hair that’s thinning, in poor condition or cut in an unflattering style can label you as “mumsy”. On the other hand, having hair that’s full of vitality

There are certain foods that can work wonders on the texture of your hair.   Eggs: Eggs have a special vitamin called biotin, which encourages hair growth and leads to thicker, fuller locks. Lack of biotin in your diet leads to dry, brittle hair. Eggs are responsible for your scalp’s overall

Maybe, just maybe the fountain of youth doesn’t exist, but smoking could speed up the process to looking older.  And maybe if you knew how a cigarette affects your beauty, you would have kicked this ugly habit yesterday? Skin cancer: Smoking is a leading cause of cancer, including lung, throat, mouth,

Getting to the root of  hair loss. by Candice Tehini Dr Debbie Norval, anti-aging expert and cosmetic doctor at Skin & Body Renewal clinics, explains that the average scalp contains about 100 000 hairs, and roughly 100 hairs are lost from your head every day. Each individual hair survives for

Getting to the root of hair loss. by Candice Tehini It’s one thing keeping the hair on your head looking healthy, but it’s another thing keeping the hair on your head – full stop! Dr Debbie Norval, anti-aging expert and cosmetic doctor at Skin & Body Renewal clinics, explains that