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The body needs an opportunity to rest and recharge, which is why getting enough sleep is incredibly important for your overall health. Adequate sleep can help to lower your risk of developing chronic illness as well as keep both your brain and immune system healthy and strong. It’s recommend to

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Have you ever noticed that your waking and sleeping patterns tend to work in a set pattern? The reason for this is that the body runs on a number of different circadian rhythms. The blood pressure varies of 24 hours, as does the pulse rate, the body temperature, all hormones,

sleep | Longevity LIVE

According to Till Roenneberg, a professor of chronobiology at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, it is actually better if this is not the case. Roenneberg studies the biological roots of sleep. He says each person has a sleep chronotype, an internal timing profile that is specific to you and can vary up