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exercise | Longevity LIVE

Parks, gyms, and fitness centers are slowly reopening and it’s no surprise that a lot of us are looking forward to breaking a sweat in an environment that isn’t your living room. However, with all things post-COVID, the world of fitness has changed, and it includes the use of face

Iman | Longevity LIVE

Iman is considerably the world’s most famous supermodel, and it has nothing to do with the fact that her husband was the late David Bowie. Rather, this gracious Somalian-born beauty has captured our hearts over the years. She is iconic. Beautiful, smart, fearless she has had a significant  influence over

These days, with more research than ever, it has never been easier to purchase cannabis safely. A few years ago, flying with cannabis would have raised most people’s anxiety levels. Yet nowadays, many are using cannabis to ease their anxiety about getting on a plane. Now, before you get too

Eat Better

relax and cook different meals for the summer [longevity live]

Relax because we’ve got you sorted with a few delicious but healthy recipes to keep you going during the week. It hasn’t been easy being stuck inside and forced to cook for yourself every day. But you can relax knowing that we’ve done the thinking for you. Many of us

Comfort food can be exciting and may even improve your mood.  Guess what? It doesn’t have to be junk food either. Celebrity Chef Viverito shares some of his own great comfort food ideas with you. Raise your hand if you’ve ever eaten something unhealthy because you felt stressed. During his

self isolation| Longevity LIVE

Depending on the rules, restrictions, and guidelines in your area, you may have been asked to go into self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. You may be a vulnerable member of society or simply apprehensive about the pandemic. Or you may still be self-isolating anyway just for peace of mind. Staying

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