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Ask yourself this question: How prepared are you to take care of your finances if your partner died tomorrow? Do you know where your money is invested? How much you have and where the paperwork is? I have heard too many Cinderella-like stories in my career. Too many women –

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Has your mom ever told you that every woman needs a secret bank account? Some money stashed away to secure your independence or saved for a rainy day? Have you ever rounded off the price of a new dress to the nearest R100? Or sneaked your shopping bags into the

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Our relationship with money fascinates me. I have come to understand that our relationship with our finances reflects the relationship we have with ourselves. We don’t only use wealth for financial purposes – we express ourselves through it; we use it to communicate. Money says anything we want it to: it articulates our desires,

Kim Potgieter is a certified financial planner, ICF coach, New Money Story mentor, author and speaker. She helps clients get a return on their investments – and their lives – by having real conversations with them about money, meaning and how to make a magical life. It’s always good to

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Reflecting of my journey with money, I recognize that it’s not how I want my children’s story to go. And it’s not just my story – it’s the stories of hundreds of clients I spend time with in Life Planning meetings. Yes, the plot and storyline may be different, but

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I have personally walked a long and arduous journey with money. I have spent more than half of my life devoted to transforming my money story. And it was not easy. I often wonder if I knew more about the psychology of money twenty years ago, if my life would

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Revolutions are all about change. And no less so with the digital revolution that has fast-tracked humanity onto a trajectory whose end we literally cannot imagine. Such is the power of innovation. But power of a more personal kind is what we’re going to need when managing our money in the