7 Ways To Enjoy Glowing Skin On Vacation

As the end of the year creeps up on us, we can soon expect to have our Instagram feeds filling up with images of white, sandy beaches, snow and skiing in the mountains, or cruise trips and tanned bodies lounging in the sunlight. And if you are soon to join on any such locations, you have probably already booked your appointments for the last haircuts, manicures, pedicures and spray tans – almost ready for departure. The festive season and vacation time is when we want to put our best foot forward in front of friends, family and fellow vacationers alike – no chipped nail color, dull hair colors or pasty skin will be coming along on the tip. However, no good vacation look is ever complete without healthy, glowing skin – and often, our vacation activities don’t exactly contribute to us enjoying it.

Here we provide you with our favorite 7 ways to ensure every day on holiday starts with you glowing – inside, outside and all over in general!

1. Sleep with a overnight mask or serum

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Glowing skin starts with proper hydration – if your skin is thirsty, it will show on your face. As you are making final preparations and packing your vanity bag, a good overnight treatment is really something you can invest in, as it ensures you wake up with skin that feels soft, smooth and hydrated – even if you didn’t exactly get all your hours of beauty sleep. That is because an overnight mask or sleep serum provides you with just that extra boost – and it works all night while your skin restores.

2. Glow from the inside with exercise

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We get it, vacation is all about sleeping in, relaxing and taking it easy – especially in the mornings. However, those early morning sweat sessions may be just what you need to get that lit-from-the-inside glowing skin. That is because when we move our bodies, blood circulation is increased and toxins – which can lead to clogged pores and dull skin – are removed from the body. Moreover, increased circulation causes the blood vessels that lie directly under the skin to dilate, which resulting in brighter, fresher-looking skin. Regular exercise also stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for skin that maintains its youthful look. The best way to ensure you keep up your fitness levels on vacation is to find out what you can do on your trip – and make it fun. Involve family members in enjoyable activities such as volleyball, cycling, swimming, water polo or hiking. If you are in the snowy mountains, you’ve probably already got your ski or snowboarding adventures planned out – and your skin will thank you for it. I find that my skin looks best about half an hour after I’ve worked out, and the fresh-from-the-shower face I see in the mirror after enjoying a good sweat session, always has a natural glow.

3. Hydrate throughout the day

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This is supposed to be a no-brainer, but so many people are still not drinking their daily requirement of H20. And this time of year, it is just as important as ever. Whether you are flying and spending hours in super-dry air, spending more time in the sunlight, on the go for long periods of time or just out of your normal routine, your body is going to need you to hydrate properly. And you can do this in different ways – with water being the first box to tick of course. Click here to find out how you can eat your hydration with these top water-rich foods. Some other tips for optimal hydration: start the day with hot water and lemon, stay clear of too much alcohol, and carry a glass water bottle around with you to fill when it’s empty.

4. Sleep with a silk pillowcase

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Have you ever thought about the fact that your skin hardly ever touches any fabric – with the exception of your pillowcase? While we know that our bedding needs to be clean in order to prevent breakouts, you can also help prevent dryness and premature wrinkles by sleeping on silk – and because it’s so compact, you can pack it with the rest of your luggage and enjoy a familiar feel when on your trip. Silk does not dry out your skin like cotton does and it also helps to reduce friction.

5. Avoid sugar and processed goods

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Yes, we know, this is the time when you can indulge without too much guilt, because that’s what people do on vacation. Fair enough – but do so in moderation. Glowing skin asks for fresh foods in general, dried fruit and dark chocolate when you feel like something sweet, and whole nutrients. Also, practice the Okinawan practice of hara hachi bu to avoid overindulging.

6. Optimise your sleep space

Truth be told, there really is no replacement for good old beauty sleep when it comes to glowing skin – but this can be hard to achieve when you are in a strange place with strange sounds, smells, and lighting. Ensure you enjoy optimal sleep by packing your earbuds, sleep mask and pillow spray, especially if you struggle to sleep in a strange environment.

7. Put the stress to rest

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Lastly, this is the time to unwind and take it easy – that goes for your mind as well. Take the time to enjoy your time on holiday and put your mind off work and the stresses of daily life – these don’t contribute to healthy skin. Pamper yourself and be good to your body going into the new year – that way, you can be assured of starting 2019 the right way!