Choose A Wellness Retreat Over A Holiday Any Day

Choose an experience that will have a life-long impact, rather than a short-lived one. Tons of different fitness, meditation, health and wellness retreats are opening up around the world. And fewer people are opting for self-indulgent Summer vacations. They cost an arm and a leg, and your waistline usually doesn’t have much to thank you for either!

There’s no doubt about it. Booking your dream trip to your top destination is a really great feeling. However, I think we’re all realizing that these trips can leave you feeling worse than you did before you went.

Whether it’s worrying about the work you haven’t done yet, all-inclusive food and cocktails, or too much fun in the sun. It’s easy to go a little mad and overindulge once you’ve made your great escape.

Choose A Healthy Indulgence

Wellness retreats are this year’s first choice because they are super healthy and revitalizing. You’ll be choosing an alternative that allows you to completely switch off, nourish your body and help you find your energetic, happy and focused self again.

Are you still not convinced?

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Well, have a look at some of the reasons you should choose a retreat over a holiday any-day below.

Going on a holiday is highly enjoyable and of course, you get time to relax and explore. However, most of the time, all of our body and health goals fly out the window of the airplane we flew down on. It’s almost as if we think that relaxing means binging on every kind of food out there or trying to out-drink each other after dinner with tons of cocktails and shooters.

It might be fun at the time, but you’re probably ripping a huge hole in your pocket, pouring empty calories into your body and draining yourself of more energy for when you need to return.

And as ‘fun’ as these trips are, self-indulgent vacations make it easy to forget about the healthy eating habits and exercise patterns you’ve been working so hard to establish. Particularly with all-inclusive trips that offer non-stop food and drink throughout the duration of your journey. However, if you choose a wellness retreat you’re given well-balanced, tasty meals and regular exercise. Most retreats create a pre-set menu for each day, which gives your mind a nice break from planning while ensuring that you still get nutritious fuel.

The Best Kind Of Digital Detox

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If you’ve been preconditioned to the city life and you’re a very busy person with loads of messages reeling in every day.

You’re most probably somebody who finds it exceptionally difficult to step away from your emails or social media on vacation. The whole point of taking a break, is to get away from the everyday stresses we have in our lives and one of the biggest ones come from our mobile devices. This is something most of us are guilty of doing.

However, a wellness retreat is probably the only place that will stop you from doing this in a way that is discrete. You won’t even notice you’re without your phone because you’ll be busy experiencing life in nature. It’s just what you need. Many health-focused getaways encourage a true digital detox and ban bringing your device with you to activities, meals, and more.

Feel-Good Experiences Only

Believe it or not, but every activity or experience on a retreat is there to make you feel amazing.

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Everything is clearly thought about and is designed to engage all of your senses in a positive way.

There’s no better feeling than soaking up the sun at the beach on your usual vacation. Recent studies have found that the sun might leave you with a beautiful glow, but too much of it is detrimental to your skin.

That’s why certain retreats offer thermal pools instead, a warm soak or a deep-tissue massage during your retreat. Not only will you enjoy the same relaxing vibes. But you’ll do wonders for your body from the inside out. You’ll get all of this and release anxiety which restores your feel-good hormones like any other vacation does.

You’ll Make Friends

The nice thing about going on a retreat is also the social aspect. Everything, or most things, are in groups. Plus, most people have all attended the retreat for a similar reason and therefore you’re likely to meet similar types of people.choose [longevity live]

These types of people have an interest in meeting new people, appreciating and prioritizing a balanced lifestyle. The team activities and group adventures offered at your destination are the perfect way to get to know someone new in a comfortable and authentic way.

Research shows that shared experiences help create meaningful connections between people.

You, Will, Make Memories For Life

Often wellness retreats have some very unique activities and adventure programmes for you to try out, A lot of them you probably haven’t even considered trying previously. You can find yourself surfing for the first time, climbing mountains with new friends or trying (and loving) food you swore you’d never eat.choose [longevity live]

The retreat is not just a getaway to relax. It’s an experience that’ll enrich your life with new memories which will stick with you for the rest of your life. You might love it so much, that you’ll want to take it home with you, resulting in positive lifestyle changes as well.

Soon, you’ll be recreating aspects of your favorite moments at home. You will choose to add healthy new elements like digital detox hour, meditation or a morning yoga and exercise to your regular routine.

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