Kitesurfing Is One Of The Most Beneficial Sports

Kitesurfing is one of many different sporting activities that is popular to take part in whilst spending time in Kenya. Not only here, but the sport itself is the fastest growing water sport worldwide because of its health benefits. The sport is both fun and challenging which is why many people are hooked to it.

The water sport is considered a mid to high-intensity physical exercise. Interestingly, it requires the use of both your mind and your body. Kitesurfing is a skill that is open to all ages. Anybody with an able body and a strong heart can learn to do it and find the sport enjoyable.

So, the next time you’re going on a vacation, pick a place that has kitesurfing lessons. You will need proper instruction for safety purposes, of course.  Trust me, you won’t regret trying it out and it’ll definitely spark your adventurous side.

Besides, there are a ton of health benefits too.

Kitesurfing Is A Fun And Effective Sport

If you’ve never herd about this sport then you’ll want to carry on reading this article. You might gain a new healthy, recreational activity. Kitesurfing is a wind powered surface water sport that uses a kite and a board to move across the water. It harnesses the power of the wind through a large parachute-like kite to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard.kitesurfing [longevity live]

The name does suggest the action of surfing. However, kitesurfing does not need waves. The wind is the only force needed to power you along. Many pro kitesurfer’s actually prefer flat water surfaces because it is easier for them to  perform freestyle movements. This is because the water is smooth and much easier to take off and land on.

The water sport is extremely versatile and allows you to enjoy its benefits in many different conditions. That’s the beauty of it. As a result, you can choose where you feel most comfortable to do it – newbie or not. You can ‘surf’ in the waves, go for big jumps, track your speed records, learn new freestyle tricks and keep changing your routine up. Kitesurfing never gets boring, it is always a different experience. Better yet, you can take it with you whilst travelling and going on adventures.

I have always preferred workouts that are both fun and effective. What do you think?

Kenya Is A Kitesurfing Hotspot

Watamu, the coast of Kenya is a prime location for newbies that want to learn how to kitesurf as well as professional kitesurfing riders. The reason for this is because of the perfect wind conditions that hit the coast of Kenya and its calmer seas.

The Trade Winds of the Kenya coast have brought the world to its shores for centuries. Now they are attracting those who love the ocean’s thrilling action sports.

Because of its beautiful tropical beaches and this is the most exciting destination particularly for kitesurfing.

Boost Your Health With These 10 Amazing Benefits

Many of you might be thinking, ‘hmmm is this sport a little too extreme for me?’ Don’t worry, it’s an activity that can be learnt by everybody with the correct instruction and guidance. The sport is so much fun and burns a ton of calories. It’s exercise benefits are phenomenal and because of this you’ll be hooked straight after your first session.

Soon, you won’t travel anywhere there isn’t access to a kite!

1. Full Body Toner

This water sport is amazing for your upper body, arms and abdomen. When you strengthen the abdominal area you feel physical improvements of the abductors and legs too. You’ll increase the strength in your arms by holding the kite, your legs by bending over the board to ride, and the muscles of the hands by grabbing the bar.

2. A Healthy Heart

Kitesurfing combines aerobics and resistance exercises, which is ideal for keeping a balanced weight, toning your figure and gaining physical strength. All three ingredients keep your heart healthy.

3. Improve Your Coordination and Concentrationkitesurfing [longevity live]

If you’d like to improve your multitasking skills then this is the water sport for you. You really do need to maintain concentration throughout because you need to keep the kite in the air with one hand while you enter the water grabbing the board with the other hand.

4. Better  Your Balance

All I need to say here is, ‘try to keep yourself upright on the board.’

5. Get Rid Of Stress

As with any exercise, the endorphin release is always going to help reduce stress. But if it is an extreme sport adrenaline rushes are much higher, creating a great feeling of wellness.

6. Bump Up Your Immune System

Being stressed out most of the time triggers the release of nasty hormones like Cortisol which lowers your immunity at a rapid pace. Therefore, the more you take part in action sports and exercises the less stressed you’ll feel.

7. Improve Your Reflexes And Adaptability

Kitesurfing is a sport where you need to continuously make decisions and improvise. It is an action that requires you to quickly jump in and go for it forcing you to quickly move and position yourself. You need to make sure the bar, body and board are all in sync. You are required to resolve difficult situations on the water, increasing your reflexes and reaction capacity.

8. An Appreciation For Naturekitesurfing [longevity live]

Any exercise or sport that requires you to engage with nature makes you more appreciative of natures beauty. Kitesurfing creates respect for the ocean, animals and nature in general. It also makes you breathe fresh air of the ocean and not the polluted air of the city.

9. Networking And Community

This water sport is very social because when you’re learning there are generally groups or communities that you need to join. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other people that enjoy kitesurfing helping you make new friend with shared interests. This improves your relationships and your ability to communicate.

10. Experiencing New Sensations

Kitesurfing allows you to experience new sensations, like the feeling of flying and increasing your level of happiness.

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