Millie Macintosh Models Under The Ibiza Sun

Millie Macintosh is a model, beauty and fitness icon who’s an expert at discovering the most luxurious and relaxing retreats. Famous for her role in 5 seasons of Made in Chelsea and her incredible fashion sense on Instagram, this bombshell knows how to pick executive, Instagram-ready resorts where detoxes from her busy schedule are paramount.

We are hooked on the hype about wellness. Celebrities like Millie and many others have us jealous over their long hot days in sanctuaries dedicated to transforming the body, the soul and the mind.

There are quite a few secret getaways that focus on keeping you fit and healthy during your downtime. And, you can find some of these retreats across the globe, from St. Lucia to Thailand, to Maldives and Ibiza. If I was in the position to travel to wellness retreats as my ‘downtime,’ I actually wouldn’t know which one to choose! There are just so many. Although, The Body Camp would probably make the top of my list.

The retreats each have their own approach to helping you rejuvenate. They all offer uniquely tailored nutrition programmes, workouts, meditation sessions and digital detoxes.

Millie Loves The Body Camp, Ibiza

I understand why Millie prefers to spend her time in Ibiza. But, wait until you hear what the retreat entails. It’s like food for the soul…

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The Body Camp specialises in creating an experience that can keep you super relaxed whilst you get maximum results. All of this is done without the risk of overtraining and you get to have the feeling of a fun holiday.

In case the Mediterranean coast of Ibiza wasn’t enough, The Body Camp team is made up of top-class fitness, food and health professionals. They work collectively to provide you with a holistic programme that benefits your mind, body and soul.

This amazing service helps you to reconnect with nature, your emotions, your health and your happiness.  However, what I love about this program is that it also pushes you beyond all that you thought was possible, physically and mentally.

This is a MUST for anybody who dreams of spending time watching the beautiful and lush views of the rolling hills of Northern Ibiza and the Mediterranean. On top of that, there is a stunning menu consisting of only superfoods to choose from and some very useful mindfulness coaching.

The Experience

All guests stay in traditional Spanish villas. Each villa has lush green lawns that face onto some of the most beautiful views.  Every morning you can wake up to the Mediterranean sea and the foresty hills of Ibiza. Plus, you are always entertained with plenty of fun fitness and lifestyle activities like beach circuit training, sea swimming, cooking classes, yoga and meditation.

Are you a fitness foodie? If you answered yes, then you’ll love this retreat even more! The menu is packed with trendy superfood meals. Guests also receive a daily menu that includes:

  1. Cold press coffees and teas.

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  2. Vanilla, date and pecan pancakes with blueberries and whipped, chai spiced, coconut cream.
  3. Malaysian coconut, lemongrass broth with courgette noodles.
  4. Raw Pad Thai and Miso roast black cod.

Exercise, Relax And Explore The Island Of Ibiza

If you’re into the whole ‘boho-vibe’ of the gorgeous towns and villages around the island of Ibiza. Then, you’ll really enjoy the hiking trails, daily walks and early morning runs around the old town and the entire island. Whilst rejuvenating your body, you will also get a taste of history and adventure.

You are the only thing that matters on this retreat. It is the perfect holiday and tool to help you get closer to achieving your personal fitness goals. Not only this but taking time out is also a great way to meet new people and make some long-lasting friendships.

Delicious And Nutritious Food

Weight loss is definitely guaranteed if that’s your goal. The entire retreat is aimed at giving you a clearer millie macintosh [longevity live]understanding of yourself, a new zest for life and the tools to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

All the food served to you is created and planned by the retreats very own chef and expert nutritionist. You won’t find any meal that contains sugar, wheat, gluten, additives nor chemicals. But, you will receive really tasty, plant-based meals.

The purpose of the menu is to give your body a complete detox to aid in either your weight loss or bodybuilding plan. Feeling hungry is never the case because the food on the menu is nutritionally dense. Better yet, you are taught important tips on eating and portion control which you can maintain when you return home.

Oh and I forgot to mention that you also get to try out the top smoothie recipe of the day. Yum!

Diverse fat burning training

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It’s no wonder that Millie has such a great body, especially if she indulges herself in these sneaky getaways on a regular basis.

The retreat has an extremely effective and dynamic selection of fun activities and programs to choose from. These keep your body moving all day, without too much stress. There is a brilliant team of trainers, coaches, chefs, dancers, guides, performers, yoga teachers, meditation guides, masseurs, healers, beauticians and hosts to give you an unforgettable experience.

Every day is different and each training session is unique. You also have the opportunity to design your own music playlist. However, the general schedule focuses on intense fat burning activities in the morning and toning recovery in the afternoon.  Therefore, your muscle tone will improve and so will your lean muscle weight gains.

According to The Body Camp. you might also experience other benefits like decreased cholesterol and triglycerides (fats in the blood), lower blood pressure and resting heart rate.millie macintosh [longevity live]

The number of reasons that celebs like Millie love this retreat destination are endless. However, as dreamy as it sounds, if you ever have the opportunity to make this a reality, we say, do it! The experience will help you make lifelong changes to become the best version of yourself. You’ll boost your confidence, self-esteem, health, fitness and happiness in an extremely fun environment.

Plus, at the end of it, you’ll come home looking and feeling leaner, healthier, and happier.

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