Rejuvenate With These Top 5 Fitness Holiday Retreats

Rejuvenate your body with a holiday mid-year sounds like a dreamy idea. But, booking a trip with an exercise focus means getting a bang for your buck. I mean it both financially and physically. Believe it or not, but ‘dreamy’ destinations like this actually exist.

You get to go on a blissful holiday. But you’re also committed to finishing that boot camp, cycle or stand-up paddle you kept saying you would do.

Besides, it’s more exciting to learn how to open water swim in the sunny Caribbean…

Instead of hitting the same old treadmill or barbell session at your local gym.

The Top 5 Rejuvenate Fitness Destinations

Heading out on your first fitness trip will be an unforgettable experience. There are retreats that’ll make your legs, lungs and waistlines burn, but make your soul shine. Whether you’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or walking the South West Coast Path, you’ll feel freer than ever before. And more importantly, lighter.

Burning more calories than you can consume is just an added bonus.rejuvenate [longevity live]

1. The Body Holiday St Lucia

Located at the tip of St Lucia, you’ll find this paradise camp surrounded by the turquoise waves and golden sands. Giving exercise an exotic twist, this sporty resort gives you a dynamic selection of activities faster than you can say Pilates. Every day has a jam-packed, but fun programme: 6.30am stretch; 7.00am walk or body spin or Martial Arts; 7.30am beach boot camp; 8.00am intro to golf…

The list goes on,  On top of this, you’re served an array of food choices that are going to power your body up.  These trips are really beneficial to your health progress because they force you to break away from your usual habits and routines.

Being far away from work and school schedules can help you exercise with peace of mind. And you will have extra motivation because you’re surrounded by others to exercise with. Most times you won’t even feel like you’re working out. It feels like you’re going on adventures hiking cool trails, paddling beautiful islands or motorcycling around ancient ruins. Exercise is just the outcome.

rejuvenate [longevity live]2. Rejuvenate Your Mind In India

In 2016 on the green Sahyadri Mountains of India, Atmantan opened. This is a luxurious wellness retreat that focuses on keeping you fit. Its co-founder is an Indian triathlete champion. They offer Fitness Challenge programmes that offer body composition analysis and cleansing Yogic Kriyas. However, they also include dynamic, high-intensity activities in the hi-tech gym. Exercises include spinning, ab blasts, aerobics, and hikes.

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3. Triathlon Fit In Thailand

The best place to train for a triathlon would be Thailand. The weather is warm and the scenery is out of this world. Phuket is ideal between January and April. The island’s Thanyapura Resort caters to all type of athletes and cross-fitters.  The Triathlon Programme includes coaching in swimming, cycling, running and transitions, massages and access to forest-lined roads for scenic training. And of course, there is a local touch with some free Muay Thai classes.

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4. Bushwalk In Australiarejuvenate [longevity live]

This is a pretty new adventure for 2018. It’s all about putting your fitness to the test in the Tasmanian bush for five weeks. According to World Expeditions, it is one of the most ambitious wilderness adventures ever. Mainly because it takes you across the length of Tasmania by way of the island’s four greatest multi-day treks. The treks include; the Overland Track and an eight-day rafting adventure along the rapid-raged Franklin river.

If you’re an adventure maniac then this might be the perfect fitness tester for you to try. Have a look at for more information.

5. Love Your Body And Soul In Japan

We know Japan’s cultures are deeply rooted in how one feeds their mind, body and soul. Discover the wide variety of hiking trails on the island of Honshu. These trails can be pieced together for a body-and-soul replenishing stroll. You’ll participate in a five-day walk along the Kumano Kodo.  This is one of only two Unesco-listed pilgrimage trails, that travels across the mountainous, temple-dotted Kii Peninsula. The temple has been named by Lonely Planet as a Top 10 Region for 2018.

I wouldn’t mind trying this one out. It sounds like the perfect way to rejuvenate not only your body but your mind and soul.  Take a look at to book a tour.rejuvenate [longevity live]

There are many more incredible destinations and health retreats to keep you fit and relaxed. If you’d like to find some more then have a look at the Telegraph’s list of invigorating fitness holidays.

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