Vacation Beauty-Preps: How To Look Great on Holiday

A vacation is a great time to unwind but also to also look great whilst capturing amazing memories. Aside from packing, pampering yourself before a big trip should also be part of the list.

Whether you’re somewhere tropical or cold, beauty treatments can allow you to feel your absolute best in your holiday get-up. Keep reading to find out how to pamper yourself so you can properly enjoy your vacation in style.


Cupping is a form of alternative therapy whereby special cups are placed on the skin to create suction. This action is often done to ease pain, inflammation and encourage blood flow.

Grace Skin and Wellness uses the method of cupping to minimize the appearance of cellulite which, if you’re somewhere tropical, will be a cause of concern during the holidays. The salon uses Lilian Terry International oils and flexy cups as part of the treatment. These oils contain homeopathic remedies, superior grade essential oils and pure cold pressed carrier oils. They improve elasticity, firmness and hydration while being free of artificial fragrances and coloring agents.

Hair removal

Whether it’s a few days before your trip or during, hair removal should always be a priority as smooth skin always feels better on vacation.

waxing | Longevity LIVE

Laser hair removal is a painless, effective way of getting rid of unwanted hairs. Unfortunately, the chances of you getting laser hair removal while on vacation are low thus it’s best to do it before your trip.

With shaving, it’s important to ensure that your skin is well-hydrated and to shave in the direction in which the hair grows.

Waxing will keep away unwanted hair for a longer period of time than shaving with guaranteed smoother results. It’s best to exfoliate beforehand as this will reduce the risk of skin irritation and bumps. If you are unable to, be sure to apply a cold compress after the session.

Stay polished

Your nails should always be a priority thus a manicure and pedicure are a must.

Our feet are definitely the most used parts of our body thus it’s important to give them some attention. Soaking, exfoliating and moisturizing them will help ensure that they look and feel great on the beach sands.

Be sure to do the same with your hands as our fingernails can often trap dirt and bacteria.


If you’re looking to get your hair done for a trip, it’s important to do it three days before you leave.

If you happen to color your hair, while on vacation be sure to use a conditioner that will protect the color while always making sure to wear a hat.

A facial and massage

Now this is one treatment we’d recommend you get before and during your vacation.

facial | Longevity LIVE

A facial will provide you with clear, glowing skin and the massage will ensure that your muscles are stress-free throughout the vacation. It’s important to remember not to wear make up after you’ve had a facial as this might block your pores and lead to a breakout.

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