Watamu Kenya Is A Hidden Gem For Your Adventurous Spirit

Watamu Kenya is probably one of the most special places you could visit in the world. This is because it has the ability to tap into your adventurous spirit. And unwind your stressed out minds and bodies.

Watamu is a place filled with natural wonders and peaceful villages on the Kenyan Coast. If you’re considering a trip to the Carribean then you might want to reconsider. Surprisingly, Watamu Kenya is surrounded by crystal white beaches, clear blue seas and lush tropical forests.

The area began as a remote Swahili outpost at Gedi and since then it is still known as a place of peace and tranquillity. Don’t expect flashy cars and city lights though because it’s still one of the coast’s most undeveloped and natural areas.  However, it has tons of potential.

Watamu Kenya [longevity live]

It’s famous for its unique, relaxed and laid back way of life, And the community welcomes visitors who’d like to relax and explore the area. If you’re in need of some quiet time, soul-searching, a wild coastal adventure or even a romantic getaway. Then, you’ll keep the wonders of Watamu close to your heart forever.

Watamu Kenya Is Great Place To Rejuvenate

Close to Watamu is a small town called Malindi. It lies in the middle of a strip of tropical beaches. The strips is filled with world-class resorts and quiet, relaxing hideaways. On my recent trip there, I was quite surprised at how paradise-like the resorts and getaways were.

However, when you travel a little further South you’ll find the peaceful village of Watamu surrounded by pearly white beaches.

I believe that there really is no better place for self-reflection and ‘me-time.’ Mainly because the village is small and more importantly simple. Everybody is friendly and there are plenty of activities, excursions, cultural and historical adventures to participate in. This is a trip worthwhile making if you’d like time to relax and rediscover a new taste for life.

Watamu Kenya [longevity live]

Fun, Adventurous Activities That Keep You Fit

Okay, so of course because our main priority is to help you create longevity within your life. There is going to be a health and wellness element. Watamu Kenya is not only a place to simply go on vacation. It is actually a really amazing village that will help boost your health, improve your lifestyle and get your body moving! There are tons of activities that involve your body and you won’t even know that you’re exercising because they’re so much fun!

You’ll learn new ways to get more active and live life with a willingness to explore. A brilliant place to visit is the Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve. Watamu has 3 bays: Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle. You’ll remember their sandy beaches and coral gardens more than anything else. There is also an abundance of Seabirds, green and hawksbill turtles, and my personal favorite… Mida Creek with its sand flats and mangrove forest.

At the Marine Park, you can take a trip for a day and go out snorkelling or diving. You’ll see over 600 species of colorful fish, sea creatures and turtles. All this activity certainly stimulates your mind but it also works your body!

A Little Bit Of History And Culture

I have to say, the Gedi Ruins was one of my top experiences. You’ll never believe the incredible energies and eeriness you feel when you’re standing surrounded by the ruins. The Gedi Ruins are the remains of an ancient Swahili town. There are winding passages and crumbling walls that tell a story of a long enigmatic and mysterious past.

Whether you choose to walk through the Watamu Forest, explore the mangroves on stand up paddle boards, snorkel the reef or attempt to kitesurf. The North coast of Africa offers so many choices and gives you the freedom to rejuvenate, explore, and soak up the sun.Watamu Kenya [longevity live]

With all these activities, I would still highly recommend wading your way through the beautiful beaches of Watamu. Luckily, I got to experience low tide during the New Moon. However, at low tide in general, you can walk almost half-way or more from the shore right into the ocean. You can do this whilst the water only reaches your knees. There are little to no waves at all due to the fact that Kobe Beach in Watamu is surrounded by three different coral reefs. The waves break really far out. This is an amazing opportunity to play in the crystal blue ocean like never before.

Besides, walking in water is also a really effective lower body burn!

You are in control of how you live daily. Therefore, you do not need to stick to a set of rules. Everything you’re experiencing now goes back to one decision followed by many others. Find out how to live a simpler lifestyle.