Feel Better By Practicing These 15 Actions

If you would like to bring about better peace and calm in your life, put these actions into practice. If you try these for at least 21 days, they eventually become a habit.

1. Inhale aromas.Better | Longevity LIVE

When you need to shift how you feel, inhale appropriate aromatic oils. Use calming oils before going to sleep or when stressed. Use uplifting oils for the after-lunch slump or when feeling down. These mood-altering aromas are non-addictive and make you feel better.

2. Listen.

So often we talk before someone has finished speaking, interrupt to make our point. In doing so, we often don’t hear what another person is telling us. Practice listening instead of interrupting. It is often the people who say the least who are the ones most heard.

3. Be kind.

From the minute you wake up every day, choose to be kind. Kindness is giving way in the traffic, smiling when you’re in the lift, making someone’s day or moment a little easier.

4. Declutter.

Every day throw or give away one thing that has been lying around for months. Do not hang on to things “just in case”. Chances are you will never notice or miss those things.

5. Love.

Better | Longevity LIVE

Every action or emotion stems from fear or love. Choose the love action or respond and watch how your life heals. Love and appreciate yourself, and those close to you.

6. Pray or meditate.

A few minutes in prayer or meditation every day works wonders for your mental health. Write notes in a personal diary and reflect on whatever crosses your mind. This time alone puts you in touch with whatever universal life force you believe in. Have faith and trust. “All is well in my world” is a powerful mantra – repeat it often until you believe it.

7. Cut down

Rather than cut out, cut down slowly but surely. If you have started the year resolving to cut out sugar/sweetener/coffee/cigarettes, etc, chances are you have already relapsed, given up or are wondering how you will make it to next month. Success will be attained by slowly reducing whatever it is you want to give up, and every month reduce a little more, so that by this time next year, you will be having much less of whatever it is that you want to give up.

8. Breathe better

Take a deep breath in and sigh to release as you breathe out. Breathing like this as you find anxiety and stress building up, and last thing at night, will make you feel more relaxed. Use this technique in traffic or while standing in a queue, to reduce tension.

9. Simplify better | longevity live

Make dinner with food that is in the cupboard or fridge instead of stressing with another supermarket visit when you are feeling tired. Sometimes cereal or eggs for supper and an early night simplifies life. You do not always have to do everything. Weigh up the stress factor in trying to juggle all the balls. And know that you are allowed to drop a few. The question to ask is “will this matter tomorrow/next week/ever?”.

10. Be less angry

We live in such an angry society and it snowballs. Choose to talk softly and kindly, rather than shouting, if someone antagonizes you. Be nice to telesales people – they are simply people trying to do an honest job. Be kind to your spouse or partner. It is often our closest family and friends who get the brunt of our anger.

11. Recycle

This could mean getting back on your bike to get to work or school, or using things more than once. If everyone, every day, bought one less plastic bag, chose to reuse bottles for water, turned kitchen waste into compost or found a way to reduce their waste by sorting, the whole planet would be a better place.

12. Call your mom, dad, gran or aunt

People who live alone or who take care of everyone and work hard at keeping everyone happy sometimes just need a call from a loved one to say “How are you?”. Reach out to someone who would appreciate it – both of you will feel better.

13. Massagebetter| Longevity LIVE

Introduce massage into everyday life. Give or receive a foot, hand or back massage using quality oils or creams, and make it a routine. The self-nurturing and non-verbal communication is very beneficial to body, mind and soul.

14. Drink water

Water is essential to every chemical reaction in the body, and if we do not have sufficient water in our system we dehydrate. This often results in headaches and other ill feelings. Fizzy drinks are not water – only water is water! Stay hydrated easily in the following ways and click on the link to find out.

15. Sleep

Quit scrolling through your phone or tablet before bed. Refrain from watching the news on TV and get those extra hours of sleep. People who sleep naturally and wake naturally feel better, function optimally and are happier people. Click here to 5 simple tricks to improve your beauty sleep. 

By Doryce Sher