3 Skin Tips For A Summer Glow

If you want to get that summer glow, here are three easy skin tips to follow…

1. Know What Ingredients To Look For

One of the most important things to remember is the need to protect your skin from your surrounding environment. The sun, pollution, temperature and humidity all have an impact. Knowing  what is in your beauty products in order to be able to take the best course of action is your best bet. Choose these for optimal results:

summer | Longevity Live Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This ingredient is an essential antioxidant. Why do you need this? Our bodies are always prematurely ageing due to oxidative stress caused by free radicals. True to form, antioxidants are one of your best friends in this race against time.

Green Tea Extract

Did you know a little green tea extract on your sun screen could be the ingredient you should be looking for? It doesn’t block UV rays, but it’s very good at neutralising them your body. It is also fantastic at reducing the dreaded thing we all know causes lifestyle disease – inflammation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C occurs naturally in our skin and is another vital antioxidant. The biggest issue? The minute we have harsh exposure to the sun or pollution it can decrease the amount of Vitamin C we have by 30-50%. So applying it topically is the way forward. Looking for good, dermatological approved products such as Vitamin C are easily diffused when combined with oxygen. So you need a brand that’s put a little more effort into making a stable Vitamin C compound.

Having a good idea of what to use is just as important as knowing what not to use. Follow this link to get a breakdown of what beauty ingredients are toxic

2. Your Daily Actions Will Influence Your Summer Skin

summer | Longevity Live Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

It’s time for summer grooming and you may constantly be checking on your skin, but this is not a good idea. All forms of oil, including the natural ones on your hands, will clog up your pores.

  • Use make up tools to keep them clean
  • Don’t pop your pimples (You really are just making the problem worse as you allow for fresh infection and more gunk to get into your skin.)

summer | longevity live Your Hair Affects Your Skin

  • Keep your gothic tendencies to yourself and keep your hair out of your face. Why? The biggest issue is still trying to get oils away from your skin, and unfortunately your hair contains oils, even if you don’t use any products…. But this does not take away from the next point:
  • Don’t use oily hair products. If your hair is already a concern, try not to make the problem worse. And keeping the hair gel to a minimum may be your best bet.

summer | Longevity Live Avoid the Snowball Effect

We know you want to have flawless skin, and sometimes that means achieving it with make-up. However, make-up has a tendency of covering up the flaws and damaging your natural skin if you are not careful. Here are two summer tips to go by:

  • Let your skin breathe, and choose faces that are  mineral based
  • Keep it oil free. Whether it’s your make-up or your face wash, avoid oil-based products.

3. Don’t Just Lather It On, Check First

You may be desperate to try out the latest products on the market to resolve all your skin issues. But often your skin will have a mind of its own. You must check if a product is right for you before thinking that all your problems have been solved.

summer | Longevity Live Check the label

Believe it or not, when scouting pharmacy isles for new products, you want to look for something with as little ingredients as possible. The simpler, the better for your skin, especially if it’s sensitive.

Do a patch test first

You never know how a product you’ve just discovered is going to react to your skin. The most important thing to do is run a test patch on your hand and see what happens over the next 48-72 hours. If you have any irritation, at least you know about it, before lathering it on your face.

Stop and soothe

Sometimes we find out too late that a certain product may not work well for our skin. And with the need to keep the summer image up, you may want to go to your local pharmacy and ask for an over the counter hydro cortisone cream to help sooth your skin and bring down the inflammation.

Want to improve your skin all year round then read more about what to do here.