6 Things You Did Not Know About Your Skin

Hello skin! There’s nothing more satisfying than looking and feeling your best, with healthy, glowing skin to match. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. And yet, here is still so much we don’t know about it.

Dr. Fatima Bhabha of Beauty and Curves is an aesthetics expert and doctor to the celebs. We went to get her advice on everything – from preventing wrinkles to the benefits of facial massage or a facial peel – and she gave us the scoop on her top 6 things you didn’t know about your skin– but which you really should.

 1. Start early

Did you know that your skin is already aging by your early 20’s? “Do not wait until you’re over 40 years old to use advanced, super-strength products – start right now,” says Dr. Fatima Bhabha. “I find the most beneficial treatment to be that of a monthly peel, which showcases so many positive results and rids one of dead cells and refreshens the face. A 20 year old loses collagen in her face at the same rate as a 40 year old. By using full-strength products right away, you can help delay collagen loss and other signs of aging.”

 2. Massage your skin

A massage is beneficial for more than just our bodies. We all love a good back massage, but what about massaging your face? It boasts so many positive influences on the face that no one knows about. “A facial massage helps stimulate the cells in the skin to release collagen and restore elasticity,” says Dr. Bhaba. Many facials offer massage techniques as part of the treatment who is a great way to get the blood flowing and the skin reacting.

 3. Think clean

Think your makeup brush gets dirty? Or your make-up sponge? “Our hands are carrying around billions of bacteria at any given time – which inevitably gets transferred onto our faces and our body,” Dr. Fatima explains. One should never put on makeup, use skincare products, or even touch your face, until you have thoroughly washed your hands with good quality soap. Experiencing acne? Click here to find out how else you can avoid this.

 4. Vitamins!

Vitamins are a quick and easy way to not only help the body, but provide it with much needed boosters. One of the most important skincare products every woman should have is a high-quality vitamin, that she takes daily. Your skin reflects how well you are nourished. As you age, make sure your vitamin regimen includes antioxidants and omega-3 oils.

 5. More moisturizer

If you think you’ve moisturized enough, go ahead and slather on some more! “Moisturize more than you think you need to. Apply just a little bit more. Most people don’t know this, but it’s best to apply while the skin is still damp, so the product can help trap some of the surface moisture into your skin,” Dr. Fatima Bhabha says.

6. Exercise to get that lit-from-the-inside glow

The beauty benefits of exercise cannot be stressed enough. When we engage in exercise and healthy physical activity, blood circulation is increased and toxins – which can cause clogged pores – are removed from the body. In addition, the blood vessels that lie directly under the skin dilate, resulting in brighter, fresher-looking skin. Regular exercise also stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for skin that maintains its youthful look. Test it out and see for yourself. Get up early tomorrow morning and engage in a proper aerobic session for about half an hour – enough to get you sweating properly. Then take a shower, moisturize properly and take a good look in the mirror. You can thank us later!

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    Great post. I liked your point on vitamins. They are indeed essential to our brain health and improving cognitive performance.