Alcoholic Drinks Might Be Why You’re Not Gaining In Life

Alcoholic drinks are a socially accepted addition to most occasions and celebrations. The problem is that we do not think twice about its effects on our bodies because it is so accessible and ‘normal’ to do. Every time there’s something to celebrate, or even when there’s nothing to celebrate, it calls for another round. This could possibly be the reason you’re not hitting those body goals, lacking energy and feeling sluggish.

Don’t get me wrong, There is a time and a place and I don’t want to be a prude. Honestly, I also used to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine or the occasional ‘bender-night-out.’ But, in the long term, I realised it was affecting how I felt, my motivation to get up and do things and even how I looked. You are only young for so long. Therefore, it’s important to live your best life – if you can, for longer.

Cutting out alcoholic drinks is a decision that many people make for different reasons. The main one is that it can have harsh effects on the body. Once you realise this, you might make the decision to temporarily or permanently remove it from your lifestyle.

Take it from me. When you get over the initial awkward phase of not drinking, you’ll start to feel how it changes your body, especially if you drink it often.

Alcoholic Drinks Retain Unnecessary Pounds

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a celebratory glass of wine or whatever you so choose, But it’s probably better for you to lay off completely. Once you’ve cut out alcoholic drinks, you might notice that the number on your scale starts to decrease. Often, we blame the food we eat for sudden weight gain, when it is actually the liquid you’re drinking.

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Research shows that alcohol has a lot of calories, especially those with added sugar. Basically, when you stop consuming all those drinks and start drinking more water, you’re digesting fewer calories, which causes you to lose weight over time. Interestingly, there was a study released by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. They discovered that people who consumed alcohol at least once a month were 41% more likely to gain weight. And over time, people who consumed alcoholic drinks were more likely to become overweight or obese over the course of a few years.

Therefore, if you’re trying to turn over a new leaf in your life – especially if it entails getting healthier, fitter and happier – then, cutting out alcohol might be a challenging, but highly necessary step to take.

Your Skin Will Glow

Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies. Yet, we often do little to ensure it’s cared for and then ask why it is not looking so fresh anymore. In fact, it is the one organ in your body that shows an exact projection of the current health and state of inside your body.

So, if you’ve been breaking out or struggling with oily or dry skin, and you’ve also been hitting the night out on the town frequently, you now know why. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), alcohol consumption has a direct correlation on the skin. According to the AAD official website, alcohol, dehydrates the skin, and in time, damages the skin.

Peaceful Sleep Time

Don’t you just love sleeping? Nothing feels more heavenly than a decent night’s rest.

Apart from the fact that alcoholic drinks will likely keep you wide awake beyond your normal bedtime – which will then result in a hangover, and will leave you feeling dreadfully tired – drinking large amounts of alcohol can actually disrupt the sleep process.alcoholic drinks [longevity live]

Some of you might argue me on this because you know how nice a bottle of wine can put you to sleep sometimes. However, drinking – especially in the long term – does disturb deep sleep patterns. According to a study named ‘Alcohol and Sleep I: Effects on Normal Sleep,’ drinking alcohol can disrupt deep sleep, which might prevent you from waking up refreshed, no matter how much you’ve slept.

Healthy Liver

This is probably not a surprise to many of you. I think we are all aware of the damaging effects that alcohol has on the health of your liver. In fact, it is one of the largest problems.

According to experts, your liver is the organ in the body that processes alcohol and breaks it down. Jake Deutsch, founder and clinical director of CURE Urgent Care, said to Women’s Health, even those who are moderate drinkers should consider cutting back on the booze now and again. The damage to your liver is accumulative.

Therefore, only having a few alcoholic drinks a couple days a week might be just as harmful as excessive binge drinking. The constant insult to the liver and digestive tract can lead to ulcers, pancreatitis, and cirrhosis.

Lower Risk Of Getting Cancer

Researchers have discovered that cutting down on alcohol consumption, in the long term can significantly decrease your risk of getting cancer when you’re much older. The first thing we worry about – and for good reason, when it comes to drinking is our liver. However, this is not the only thing you should be concerned about.

According to Drinkaware, alcohol is linked to seven different types of cancer. They include bowel cancer, breast cancer, laryngeal cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, oesophageal cancer, and pharyngeal cancer.

The National Cancer Institute states that there is evidence to show that the more alcoholic drinks a person consumes – particularly the more alcohol a person drinks regularly over time. The higher his or her risk of developing alcohol-associated cancer. If you enjoy the odd drink every now and then to treat yourself or for a special occasion then go for it, that’s perfectly normal and nobody expects you to be perfect. But, it is a serious factor to consider when taking your body’s health seriously.

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I would recommend cutting down on your overall intake. Personally, I’ve chosen to give it up entirely, but moderation is probably the best solution.

Not only will you increase your health, weight goals and improve your skin. You will also feel more energised and motivated to get up early in the mornings and feel fresh enough to take on more during your day. This in itself keeps you feeling and looking younger.

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