Anti-aging beauty snags you should know about

Anti-aging beauty snags you should know about

1. Whiskers WHERE? All things hairy suddenly get unruly. Where hair should be, it grows sparse, pale and limp (your lashes, brows and formerly luxurious, shiny mane lose pigment, grow thin and grey), and where it should not be, it suddenly starts sprouting in all sorts of directions: brows make a belligerent dash for freedom with long and riotously curling strands à la JR Ewing; you spot long, curling hairs on moles and on your neck and chin; you grow a conspicuous moustache. Horrors.

If your eyesight is fading and you can’t spot delinquent hairs, appoint a facial hair buddy (your daughter or best friend) who will tell you when you are sprouting, advise beauty writers Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey in The Anti-ageing Beauty Bible. Never shave wayward facial hair; find a beauty therapist who knows how to wield an electrolysis wand. Waxing will also help.

2. Concertina creases: Only the passing of a few hours will iron out the hideous furrows of pillow creases on your face and a crepey décolleté when you wake up in the morning. This is because your skin has lost elasticity and does not bounce back to its padded-pillow-like consistency anymore. Best advice: get a satin pillow and learn to sleep on your back (but only if you’ve managed to escape that other pesky “mature” habit – snoring!).

3. Bingo wings: Say goodbye to spaghetti straps and sleeveless tops. Period. Sagging underarms which keep on waving long after your hand has stopped, creep up on you, overnight. And they stay …

4. Space age: You reach for the toothpicks or floss more regularly, because widening gaps between your teeth cause food to be caught more often. This is caused by deteriorating bone structure of the jaw, plus receding gums. Your pearly whites are also not so … uhhmmm … white or pearly anymore; instead, your teeth develop a distinctly yellow tinge. Whitening treatments and a good cosmetic dentist can help somewhat.

5. Spotting and sagging: Age spots appear, in all shades from pink to livery brown, and in places you do not expect. Your jawline goes awol, while your cheeks lose their apples and become sunken due to volume loss.

Book a long session with a cosmetic doctor or specialist dermatologist and talk about peels, IPL therapy, Fraxel laser and 3D fillers and other medically proven non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

6. Total transparency: Your eyelids become darkened and discoloured. Because lids are thinning, the vein network shows unattractively through the skin, and the inner corner next to the nose goes very dark. Your best bet is a lid primer, even if you are not using eye make-up.

Sources: The Anti-ageing Beauty Bible by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey. Kyle Cathie Limited